Botox and Fillers Work Better Together

Botox and dermal fillers continue to be the top two minimally invasive cosmetic treatments in the U.S. today, with 7.7 million Botox injections and 2.7 million filler injections performed in 2019.  The number is growing every year. 

In the hands of a board-certified plastic surgeon, these medical grade cosmetic procedures are very safe. Dr. Jeff Angobaldo with Renaissance Plastic Surgery, PLLC has performed hundreds of Botox and dermal filler injections on men and women of all ages. 

Why get Botox and fillers? 

Modern American culture is visually oriented. You’re constantly looking at pictures on your phone, whether it’s your Instagram or Facebook feed. You see yourself, your friends and family, as well as celebrities. Your photo is on the web for all to see. 

In the last year, you’ve likely been on Zoom, which shows every facial flaw up close. You may have been surprised to see so many signs of aging when looking at yourself in virtual team meetings at work or while Zooming with family. 

You want to look as young as you feel. As you age, your skin produces less collagen and elastin, the key proteins that keep your skin smooth and supple. Aging also causes a drop in hormone levels in both men and women that results in thinner and drier skin. 

It’s now common for millennials to use injectables as part of a long-term beauty and skin care routine. With closeups of facial features on display 24/7, no one wants to see deep grooves in a forehead or along the nose. That age group has started a new trend in facial care that may continue in future generations. 


Collagen loss begins as early as age 30. Botox treats signs of aging mainly on the upper part of the face. You may be developing vertical lines between your eyebrows, furrows across your forehead, or crow’s feet, those lines on either side of your eyes. Think of the thousands of times you smile, frown, or raise your eyebrows in surprise. Those repeated movements over the years lead to your wrinkles and furrows. 

Botox works by immobilizing the facial muscles where it’s injected. Don’t worry; you can still smile or frown as usual. Botox isn’t permanent. Many people are now making it a permanent part of their beauty routine, though. 

Dermal fillers

Botox doesn’t work on static wrinkles, the lines caused by sagging skin that’s lost collagen. That’s where dermal fillers come into play; they work on static wrinkles, which are mainly in the lower part of your face. 

Fillers work on those lines on either side of your nose going down to your mouth, the marionette lines that show from the corners of your mouth to your chin, a line that appears between your mouth and the bottom of your chin, and the hollows between your chin and jowl. Fillers can also plump up your lips. 

Most dermal fillers are made of a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid. This acid occurs naturally in your body; it’s what keeps your face smooth in your youth, in addition to your collagen and elastin. You lose about 1 percent of hyaluronic acid per year after age 30.  

Botox and fillers together create optimal results 

Recent research indicates that combining Botox and dermal filler treatments create better results than either treatment by itself. If you’re a millennial, perhaps you only need Botox. But after age 30, as you lose collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in your face and neck, your skin starts to sag and creates the grooves and hollows that make your face appear older. 

The more you move your facial muscles, the quicker the fillers break down. Doctors have found that first giving a Botox injection into forehead lines and following with a filler creates significantly longer effects — nine to ten months —  than if a filler is used alone for the forehead furrows.  

Fillers break down most quickly around the mouth because you use your mouth muscles all the time when you talk. Botox can’t be used on your smile lines on either side of your nose, but a diluted form can be used with fillers around the edges of your mouth

Call or message Renaissance Plastic Surgery, PLLC today for expert facial rejuvenation using Botox and fillers  and for all of your aesthetic needs.

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