Feeling Unhappy With Your Breasts After Pregnancy? Consider Breast Augmentation

Your body went through many changes during pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing your baby, and now you’re looking at a new body, including breasts you may not recognize. When you were pregnant and if you breastfed, your breasts grew larger, and you had to buy new bras. 

Now that breastfeeding is over, your breasts may have shrunk a cup size, and gravity has taken over; your “girls” may be smaller and misshapen. Perhaps your breasts were asymmetrical, and now they’re even more so. You’re over the moon at being a mother, but you want your old body back. 

Dr. Jeff Angobaldo, board-certified plastic surgeon with Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Plano, Texas, can help restore the shape and size of your breasts through breast augmentation. This procedure was the most popular cosmetic surgery performed in the U.S. in 2019. About 300,000 women in America choose to have breast augmentations every year.   

Why are my breasts smaller and misshapen after childbirth?

It’s totally understandable that your breasts have changed shape. When you were pregnant, your breasts prepared for your baby’s nutrition by becoming larger. Milk ducts expanded to be ready to carry food to your baby. The tissue in the ligaments in your breasts can also stretch during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

 Once the breastfeeding process is over, the expanded fatty and connective tissue often becomes thinner, looser, and less elastic, causing your breasts to change shape. If your breasts were asymmetrical prior to pregnancy, the asymmetry may become exaggerated after childbirth. Your smaller breast has less tissue, so it doesn’t grow at the same rate as your other breast did during pregnancy. 

Your genes play a role in how your breasts look after pregnancy. Some women are lucky; their breasts bounce back to an approximation of what they looked like previously, but many women end up with smaller, saggier breasts. 

Breast augmentation can restore your breasts’ appearance

Modern medicine can restore your breasts to their pre-pregnancy shape and size with a breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Angobaldo has transformed small, misshapen, asymmetrical breasts into beautiful, equally sized, rounded breasts for hundreds of satisfied patients. If your breasts are extremely droopy from multiple childbirths, he may recommend a breast lift at the same time as your breast augmentation.  

During a consultation with Dr. Angobaldo, he asks you to communicate your specific goals for breast augmentation. He explains what the surgery and recovery process entail. You’ll receive breast implants to make your breasts symmetrical as well as larger and rounder. Dr. Angobaldo explains the differences in types of implants and their pros and cons. 

You’ll most likely be under general anesthesia for the procedure. During the surgery, Dr. Angobaldo is going to make an incision underneath your breasts, under your arms, or near your belly button. He may use an endoscope with a tiny camera to move the implants into place. 

Breast augmentation recovery time

Plan on being out of commission for about a week. You’ll have prescription medication for the first few days. A full recovery takes about six weeks. After the first week you should be able to go about your day, but be sure to avoid strenuous exercise and follow all of the written instructions for your recovery. 

Call Renaissance Plastic Surgery, PLLC or book online for a breast augmentation consultation and for all of your aesthetic needs. 

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