Myths and Facts About a Brazilian Butt Lift

Myths and Facts About a Brazilian Butt Lift

After years of idolizing all-around body thinness as ideal, Americans are embracing the Brazilian concept of beauty, which includes a round contour of the buttocks. The Brazilian butt lift has surged in popularity in America over the past few years, increasing 26% in a recent one-year period. 

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeff Angobaldo with Renaissance Plastic Surgery, PLLC in Plano, Texas, performs the Brazilian butt lift procedure (BBL) to give you a beautiful, rounded bottom that can improve your body proportions. Many patients combine the procedure with another procedure such as breast augmentation to create a balanced body profile.   

What is the Brazilian butt lift? 

It’s really two procedures in one. Dr. Angobaldo transfers fat from one area of your body, often your belly, via liposuction and uses that to enhance your buttocks. The BBL thus improves the whole torso area because it takes excess fat from the belly, where there’s often that troublesome bulge, and uses it to give you a more rounded bottom.  

Because it’s risen so quickly in popularity, not all of the information available about the BBL may be reliable. Following are myths and facts about the Brazilian butt lift. 

Myth: The butt lift requires general anesthesia. 

FACT: Unless there are special circumstances, most patients today receive local anesthesia and twilight sleep sedation. You avoid the memory fog that can occur after general anesthesia and other risks associated with it. Plus, general anesthesia can induce nausea after surgery, and Dr. Angobaldo wants to avoid that. 

Myth: All plastic surgeons perform fat transfer procedures and the Brazilian butt lift. 

FACT: It’s important to choose the right surgeon. While many plastic surgeons perform liposuction and breast augmentation, they may not have experience in performing a Brazilian butt lift. Dr. Angobaldo trains other plastic surgeons, speaks at conferences nationwide, and has years of experience performing the procedure.  

Myth: Your bottom will look like that of a celebrity.  

FACT: Dr. Angobaldo asks you to discuss your motivations for getting the BBL. He wants you to have realistic expectations. He shows you before and after photos from other BBL surgeries. The goal should be to make your bottom proportional to your body size. A reputable plastic surgeon will not create a bottom that is out of proportion with the rest of your body. 

Myth: Most people are candidates for the Brazilian butt lift. 

FACT: Not everyone should have the BBL. If you don’t have enough body fat to transfer to your bottom from another area, Dr. Angobaldo may recommend implants instead. 

Myth: The Brazilian butt lift helps remove loose, flabby skin from the buttocks.

FACT: If you were seriously overweight or obese and now have lost weight so that you’re a normal size, your buttocks may sag from loose skin. Perhaps pregnancy caused the flabby skin there. Another cause of flabby skin on your bottom is simply the normal aging process. Instead of a BBL, Dr. Angobaldo may recommend a gluteoplasty, which removes excess skin and fat on your bottom through either liposuction or excision. 

Call or message Renaissance Plastic Surgery, PLLC today for a consultation on how plastic surgery can enhance your body and boost your self-confidence. 

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