Why Would I Need Nipple Surgery?

Why Would I Need Nipple Surgery?

Most people know about breast surgeries — enhancement, reduction, and lift. But far fewer know about surgeries to enhance or alter the nipples or the pigmented areolas surrounding the nipples.

That’s interesting, because it’s the nipples and areolas that draw the most attention. If your nipples or areolas are large, pendulous, or irregularly shaped, it can take a big toll on your self-confidence. The good news: Nipple surgery can help.

At Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Plano, Texas, Jeff Angobaldo, MD, offers several types of nipple surgery to help women and men feel more attractive and more confident about the way their nipples look. Here’s how to tell if nipple surgery could help you.

When nipple surgery is performed

There are two primary reasons why nipple surgery is performed: to cosmetically enhance your nipples or to reconstruct your nipples, typically after a mastectomy or traumatic injury.

Even though nipples spend most of the time covered by clothing, they can play a major role in people’s sense of self-confidence.

For men, going shirtless at the beach or poolside is pretty much expected. But if your nipples are unusually large, pendulous, or oddly shaped, it’s harder to doff that shirt with confidence.

For women, the effects can be even more extreme. As part of the breasts, the nipples are inextricably intertwined with a woman’s sexual self-esteem. 

A change in nipple size, shape, or location can interfere with feelings of intimacy and make women feel unattractive and self-conscious, even with a long-term partner.

For both women and men, nipple surgery can restore the “normal” look of one or both nipples. Post-mastectomy, nipple surgery can successfully complete the rebuilding of the nipple, restoring a sense of wholeness after cancer surgery.

Types of nipple surgery

Dr. Angobaldo offers several types of nipple surgery to help women and men achieve results that help them look and feel more attractive. 

Nipple lift

Sagging, drooping nipples are a common complaint, especially as aging takes its toll and breast tissue loses volume and elasticity. 

A nipple lift is often performed during a breast lift or breast reduction to re-center the nipple after the breast shape is changed. But it can be performed on its own, as well.

Nipple reduction

Enlarged nipples typically follow breastfeeding, a result of the suction created by both the infant and breast pumps. Some women have naturally large nipples even without breastfeeding. 

Nipple reduction reshapes the nipples and reduces their size and shape. Reduction of one or both nipples can also improve the symmetry of your nipples for a more pleasing effect.

Areola reduction

The areola is the pigmented tissue that surrounds the nipple. Areolar surgery reduces the size of large areolas or improves the symmetry of areolas that are irregularly shaped. It can be performed on its own or in combination with another type of nipple or breast surgery.

Nipple reconstruction

Nipple reconstruction is most commonly performed after mastectomy (surgery to remove all or part of the breast) due to cancer. But it can also be used on a nipple damaged by trauma. 

In nipple reconstruction, Dr. Angobaldo uses techniques to create a natural nipple size, shape, texture, and projection. Reconstruction can be performed on one or both nipples as needed.

Feel more confident

Nipple surgery can dramatically improve the way your breasts look and the way you feel about your breasts, too. To learn more about nipple surgery and whether it’s a good choice for you, call Renaissance Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation.

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