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An arm lift, otherwise known as a brachioplasty, is a routine procedure carried out by Dr. Plano in Plano, TX to get rid of excess skin or fat hanging around the arms. Drooping skin can easily be reduced with an arm lift. The end result is tighter, smoother skin under the arms, and reduced localized fat pockets on the tops of the arms.

Those who would benefit greatly from this surgery are individuals who have recently experienced fluctuations in their weight, which can cause the sagging, drooping appearance under the arms. These people might have recently lost a large amount of weight, but the drooping skin still remains. This drooping effect also happens naturally as part of the aging process, or it m ight possibly be a genetically inherited trait. We will evaluate you and make sure this procedure is right for you before we go ahead with the procedure.

The arm lift procedure is carried out by employing liposuction therapy of arm fat, and then direct removal of excess skin. In this way, arms are left tight, thin, and proportional. After the surgery, there will be some very slight scarring under the arms. In addition, the tightness of the arm skin may loosen a little over time, but it will still be much tighter than it was before.

After the surgery, there will be a recovery period of about 1 to 2 weeks. Immediately after the surgery, you will have to keep your arms elevated, and bandages will be kept on the arms. You will then have a follow up visit with us a few weeks later. The arm lift procedure is a great way to get rid of drooping excess skin because of one simple reason. It is impossible to correct sagging skin around the arms by exercise. The only way to correct this unwanted appearance is to undergo an arm lift procedure. If you wish to learn more about this procedure, we will be happy to go through every little detail with you during our consultation.

We want our patients to be 100% comfortable before we take the next step and move forward with the procedure. If you are struggling with unwanted excess skin around the arms that droops and sags, you should strongly consider contacting us for an arm lift. This is the only way to get rid of those flabby arms, and we are experts of this procedure, so don’t hesitate, contact us today. Contact Dr. Plano at Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Plano, TX

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