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Renaissance Plastic Surgery specializes in breast augmentations and breast implants. Our breast augmentation procedure varies from patient to patient depending on what type of results the patient may need. We first tell our patients to schedule a consultation with Dr. Angobaldo to assess which size, shape, or type of breast implant the patient will need.

During the consultation with Dr. Jeff Angobaldo in Plano, TX he will discuss with you the possible risks of the procedure.


  • Our procedure will enlarge naturally small breasts that are normally a result of heredity.
  • The procedure will restore breast size and volume after events such as pregnancy or massive weight loss
  • The procedure will help restore breast symmetry if the breasts are abnormally disproportionate.
  • Breast Augmentation procedures may increase the patients self confidence and self image.


Dr. Angobaldo in Plano, TX understands that not all patients have the same needs that is why during the consultation you will be able to view before and after images that will give you an idea of what size and shape you will be able to obtain.

The key to a successful breast augmentation procedure is deciding which size breast implant to use. Patients should understand that they are making the choice to have the procedure on personal needs and not the needs of others.


  • Breast pain after surgery
  • Possible infection of the area where the surgery was performed
  • There may be a slight increase in sensation in the areas of the nipples and breast after surgery which is usually temporary

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