Eyebag Treatment – Plano, TX: Renaissance Plastic Surgery


Bags under the eyes, although unsightly and distressing to the bag carrier, is not indicative of something having gone wrong with your health. They make us appear ill or tired and are aging, but it is purely physical. They form as a result of excess fat or fluid accumulation having collected or herniated into pockets under the eyes. Bags can appear at all ages, not just the elderly. We have noticed that women particularly, use a variety of skin-tightening creams, anti-wrinkle creams, cucumber, mud, laser treatments and whatever else their friends or womens magazine suggest, in an effort to reduce the bags. But the fact remains, unless the fat deposit is either removed or re positioned, the problem will not go away. They can be temporarily minimized with Ceramide creams but again, this is not a long-term solution.



Nobody likes the idea of having surgery around the eyes but for severe cases, this may be necessary. There are non-surgical procedures that can dramatically reduce the bags and in fact, disguise them so that it is less noticeable. If you really have an aversion to surgery, your certified oculoplastic surgeon can inject a filler to fill in the hollow between the underside of the bag and the cheek, thereby rounding the area and disguising it. The bag is still there, it is just harder to see it. But this is also a stopgap to surgery as the fillers have to be repeated every eight months or so. 

Surgeons have different ways of doing fillers, depending on a number of factors like age, the size of the bags, the muscle volume and so on. Some layer the fillers using Juvaderm Voluma for deep down and Vobella for the tear troughs. Many surgeons are favoring Restylane as the most effective. Perlane has been used very successfully and it has been found that this can last for up to 12 months before been repeated. 

However, only a board-certified surgeon can make that call after an examination. Microcannula is the preferred method of injecting the fillers instead of needles as the incidence ofbruising and swelling is minimal and the same spot can be worked on again without leaving scar tissue. Unlike a needle, the microcannula is blunt and is simply slid in to the skin without actually cutting the tissue. Also, the trauma of injecting into a blood vessel or nerves too is eliminated thereby reducing pain.



 Men and women of all ages are coming in to eliminate the bags under their eyes. Gone are the days when people held onto them because they gave character to the face. Everyone wants to look fresh and young so why look 80 when you are only 60-years old? With the different options available to us, there isnt any more excuse for letting it go. Elderly people with hanging excess skin will have to have the skin removed but generally,simply removing the fat deposit, and given time, the skin around the eye will tighten and smooth out.

Have those dark circles and bags taken away today. Call us for a Consultation and we will make the best plan to remove those unsightly bags and rejuvenate your natural beauty.