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They’re not made for everyone, but they’ve recently become one of the world’s most popular beauty trend. Lip fillers are what people are resorting to when they desire fuller lips for a better, more beautiful smile. This modern technique of beautifying the face includes a few pricks of an injection, and viola! You will have plumped up lips. However, it’s not as simple as it seems, and involves several factors to be taken into account before undergoing such a process. We understand that, more often than not, people have to give this much thought, and are faced with a lot of apprehensions when it comes to having such a procedure done on the face for aesthetic purposes. For this, we have taken all these factors and issues into account, and created the perfect, most effective, and safest lip filler: the Volbella.


Juvedem Volbella is the latest addition to the range of Juvederm lip fillers. It is a product of the world’s leading global pharmaceutical company, and is part of the number one selling product line of lip filler. It is an FDA approved formula that is used for lip augmentation, and for the correction of perioral lines in adults above the age of 21. The formula is specifically made for patients who desire a smooth, painless procedure, with the most reliable results. The Juvederm Volbella plumps up the lips by making them appear fuller and healthier, giving patients an enhanced pout.


Why is Volbella the best choice in the market? Because apart from being FDA approved, Volbella demonstrates the company’s commitment to technologically advanced and innovatively developed products. It uses new technology to better cater to the needs of each inpidual patient, for we understand that the needs of every person are varied. Volbella addresses specific concerns that patients have, and provides the, with the best procedure to yield the best results for their specific needs.


Starting out in Europe in 2011, Volbella is currently approved and distributed in over 70 countries across the globe, with other products of the company being distributed in over 80 countries.


The popularity and reliability of Volbella has a lot to do with effectiveness and adherence to safety standards. In clinical trials, Volbella showed improved results in lip fullness and disappearance of perioral lines in two thirds of the subjects that were treated.


The side effects of Volbella are negligible, and those that arise are only temporary. These include temporary swelling around the treated area, slight tenderness and bruising, redness, itching, and temporary firmness and pain. None of these side effects are found to last for more than a month, which speaks volumes about the reliability and safety of the product.


It’s safe to assume that only a handful amount of people resort to getting their lips treated while many would rather stick with their natural lips than to artificially enhance them. But there are many of us who are indeed in dire need to do something about our lips when were provided with such a reliable and easy opportunity. For everyone who ever wanted to change the way their lips were shaped, all those of us who want to get a career into modelling and the only thing that’s causing a hinderance are your oddly shaped lips, Volbella is the key for you! Not only does it look natural, but feel natural as well.


The next step, after deciding you want to use Volbella is to familiarise yourself with the criteria of the candidates who can be selected for the procedure. You are not a good candidate if you have:


  • Current cold sores
  • Diseases such as diabetes or lupus
  • Any type of scarring of the lips
  • Blood clotting problems


Apart from this, as you do before any medical procedure, you should make the surgeon aware of any allergies or other medical conditions you might have so that the entire process can go smoothly and hence result in fortunate results. Good communication between the surgeon and you is key to getting the best treatment for your lips. The treatment should be done responsibly as should the decision to have it done. Your face is the first thing anybody looks at when they see you, hence it proves to be a very delicate area and any sort of errors or medical conditions that can prove to have bad results should be made aware of prior to the treatment.


The next step is to know how long after the treatment would you be fully recovered and ready to debut those new flawless lips of yours. On average the recovery from injection to tear trough can range to 10-15 days during which time period you can expect your lips to gradually get rid of any swelling as the day’s progress. It should be noted here that if you have a big event such as a wedding coming up, you shouldn’t have the treatment a few days prior to the event, wait for the event to pass and then get it so that you have ample time to recover from the treatment without the stress of having to go out to such an event.


The recovery time for Juverderm lip treatment vary largely from patient to patient. Many key aspects are involved when measuring the recovery time for example different skin types, different areas even different medications all can lead to one patient recovering sooner in comparison to his counter part. There may be some pain at the injection site for a few days after the initial treatment however these effects will wear off in about 10 days. The lips in general are very prone to mild swelling and bruising which would also reside in a few days. People, who are on blood thinners such as aspirin, may also find themselves more bruised than people who are not.