Labiaplasty – Plano, TX: Renaissance Plastic Surgery


Every woman should be comfortable with her body. Labiaplasty is a surgery that is done on the labia folds on the outside of the vulva. This can be done at any age and can help a woman be more confident in all that she does as a sexual being.



Labiaplasty is also known as a labia reduction. It has been estimated that the average labia minor is 61 mm for women between the ages of 18 and 50. However, lengths up to 100 mm have been recorded. If a patient is concerned about how long the labia is or how there is pain or discomfort when tight garments are worn, it’s possible for the labia to be reduced surgically.

There are two different techniques that are used, depending upon the current shape of the labia and what needs to be done. There is the trim method as well as the wage method. Determining the technique is based upon whether the labial skin is simply too long of there if there is too much overall bulk to the labia minora.



Many women are able to benefit from labiaplasty. Candidates generally have long or what is known as hanging vaginal lips. There may also be discomfort, pain, or irritation in the labia, particularly when wearing specific clothes or performing certain activities. There may also be a level of embarrassment during intimacy. Some women were born with large labia while others develop the problems follow ng childbirth or as they got older. This means that simply if you are unhappy with the look and feel, there is the possibility of having it taken care of.



If you find that your labia is too long or simply provides discomfort, it is possible for it to be addressed. The procedure is generally very quick and it has been gaining in popularity. It may be the right surgery for you as a way of boosting your confidence–and you may want to pair it with vaginal reconstruction. Generally, every woman should feel comfortable, and when the labia is causing problems physically or emotionally, it needs to be addressed. The procedure is relatively simple and has a recovery period of approximately 4 weeks.

When you want to learn more about labiaplasty and whether it is right for you, call our office. We can schedule a consultation for you to come in and speak with our plastic surgeon.