Breast Lift and Augmentation – Plano, TX: Renaissance Plastic Surgery

When a woman experiences breast sagging or a loss of breast size after childbirth or weight loss, the combination of a breast lift and augmentation may provide the most effective option for improving the look and profile of the breasts.

A woman’s unique circumstances will dictate the procedure that will offer the best results, and Dr. Angobaldo of Renaissance Plastic Surgery will provide expert advice on the best course of action.

Although a patient may desire a breast augmentation without a breast lift, the composition of a woman’s breasts may require a breast lift – or mastopexy augmentation – for best results. In this procedure, an implant is used to increase breast size and fullness. The breast lift may provide some benefits including removing extra skin, elevating the areolas, and creating a beautifully
shaped breast.



One of the essential roles of your plastic surgeon is to create a surgical plan that helps you achieve your goals. With breast implants and breast lifts, one of the topics of discussion during your initial consultation will include figuring out if you’re a good candidate for breast surgery and the outcome you may expect from a breast lift and augmentation.

Women who choose this option often want to enhance the volume of their breasts while also changing their placement. The experiences of life may lead to sagging, particularly after a woman goes through pregnancy and nursing, as well as the natural aging process. A woman without naturally full breasts who seeks a mastopexy (lift) may also need an augmentation for the best results.



The first step in creating a beautiful chest is in choosing the right implant size and figuring out the best placement of the implants on the chest. One of the benefits of working with an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Angobaldo is the knowledge he brings to the procedure in human physiology and natural looking results.

A breast augmentation and lift is a procedure that requires surgery, and one of the plastic surgeon’s goals is to provide a realistic and natural result while also keeping the incisions and overall invasiveness of the procedure at a minimum. The unique features of a woman’s body may dictate the type of lift and augmentation that is best, and the doctor has several options available for making subtle improvements.

For example, depending on the level of enhancement and lift required, the doctor can lift and reshape the breast while also improving the aesthetics of the nipple and creating full, natural volume for the chest. Your comfort, recovery, and emotional health are of the utmost importance to Dr. Angobaldo, and every effort will be made to limit surgical and recovery time.



If your physiology leads the doctor to recommend you have these two procedures concurrently, you’ll benefit from a single surgical session and one recovery period. It’s not uncommon for a plastic surgery patient to receive more than one procedure, and conducting procedures in one session – or in as few sessions as possible – means less time spent recovering.

However, sometimes it’s necessary or desired to perform the procedures as a staged breast lift and breast augmentation, and that route is one you may need to take if recommended by the doctor. As the name would suggest, a “staged” approach means one procedure is conducted on a certain date and the second procedure occurs somewhere between three and six months later.

One of the benefits of undergoing a staged procedure is that women who aren’t sure if they want an augmentation may undergo the breast lift first and then decide on the augmentation at a later date. Your consultation with the doctor will help you decide which approach is best for your body.

Contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeff Angobaldo, MD, for more information on your breast lift and augmentation.You’ll thrive under the care of an experienced doctor and his skilled staff.