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An eyelid surgery is also known as blepharoplasty. It is the surgical process to remove excess skin and to also remove fat from the eyelids. It is done by using incisions on the affected area to pave way for the removal of fat. After that it is stitched back. This procedure is usually done in combination with resurfacing of the eyelids. Resurfacing actually reduces the wrinkles and unwanted lines from the skin of the eyelid. These lines and wrinkles usually make people look older than their age. We have experienced professionals who have state of the art equipment and facilities to deliver exactly what you want.

From experience, we can tell you that the major reason people come the surgery is getting a better look. They always want to look better. Once they do, they don’t care if all the fat has been removed or not. And we can comfortably tell you that our patients and clients have all looked much better after the surgery. Excess skin and fat around your eyes make your eyelids heavy. Not only that, they create puffiness and make you look much older than your real age. Eyelid surgery is not only done to remove fats, it can also be done to add more fat. This is for the eyes with hollowed appearance. Lower eyelid surgery is done to reduce droopiness and wrinkles.

All the benefits of eyelid surgery can be summarized as thus:

• Drastic reduction of wrinkles and fat around the eyelids
• Eradication of puffiness that gives you a tired look
• Overall, eyelid surgery gives you a better look and a more refreshed appearance.

Our recommendations of the surgery is for anybody who suffers from any of the conditions mentioned above. It is good for you and all our other patients as it gives a better and younger look. At this juncture it is worthy of mention that you can only enjoy all the benefits of eyelid surgery if it is done by competent hands like us. Apart from the surgery itself, you are always welcome for professional advice. It is needless to say you can call us anytime for a consultation.

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