Facelift Procedure – Plano, TX: Renaissance Plastic Surgery


The face is a very significant part of an individual’s identity. Having a face that always looks haggard, tired, or worn out, can affect your self-confidence. A facelift surgery can give you a more youthful appearance. It can make your personality shine through and allow you to age gracefully. After undergoing a facelift surgery, you will notice that all wrinkles and effects of exposure to sunlight will have disappeared. These results can last at least ten years.


A facelift surgery, is a procedure that addresses the problems that come along with aging. These problems include loose skin, loss of definition in the neck and face, loss of neck and jaw contours among others. The recent facelift techniques are now more sophisticated than ever, and are can make you look years younger. After performing a thorough evaluation of your special facial features, we will create a customized face lift surgery that will help you get your desired results.


A face lift surgery can alter your appearance in different ways, including tightening of the facial muscles, repairing of loose skin, and improving the facial contours. Tightening of the facial muscles- the underlying structures of the face, weaken and sag with age, so before repairing the loose skin, the underlying structure of your face has to be tightened and rearranged into a better configuration. This significantly reduces tension on the skin and ensures the results of the face lift surgery lasts much longer. Repairing of loose skin- the loose or sagging skin will be trimmed and tightened carefully to restore a more youthful, and natural look.

Improving the facial contours- a mid-facelift helps in restoring the lower eyelids and cheeks to a smoother appearance. While a lower facelift provides a more captivating jawline contour, smoothing the neck area and eliminating jowls. Why it is good for me Facelift surgery is ideal for you as it addresses the particular problems that come with aging. These problems include, loss of definition (in the neck and face), sagging skin, jowls, and neck contours.

Facelift surgery will remove these problems and give you a more youthful appearance along with an increased self-esteem. Your skin will become firmer, fresher, and tighter looking and improve your confidence.

Do you wish to have a smoother face that hasn’t suffered loss of definition, sagging skin, and other related problems that come with aging? If yes is your answer, then you should give use a call for a consultation.