Why the Brazilian Buttock Lift Has Become So Popular: Renaissance Plastic Surgery: Plastic Surgery

When you look in the mirror, does the top of your body overpower the bottom? You may have beautiful breasts but not much of a corresponding curve below the waist. 

You see models and actresses such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian with perfect, round derrieres. Yours doesn’t look like theirs. Perhaps you weren’t gifted genetically with a beautiful, round bottom. Many of those superstars may not have been, either. 

If your backside doesn’t have the curves you want, Dr. Jeff Angobaldo, board-certified plastic surgeon with Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Plano, Texas, can reshape your bottom with a Brazilian butt lift. This procedure enhances the size and shape of your bottom

Why the Brazilian butt lift has become so popular 

The Brazilian butt lift has taken the world of cosmetic surgery by storm, thanks to the increasing number of female celebrities with impeccable derrieres. It’s no surprise that thousands of women want to look like the superstars they follow on social media. Over 300,000 butt lifts were done worldwide in 2015, a 30 percent increase from the previous year. The numbers continue to grow. 

The procedure is named after its founder, Ivo Pitanguy, a pioneer of Brazilian plastic surgery who is so revered that he carried the Olympic torch through Rio as it made its way around the globe in 2016. Brazil gets the “silver medal” of plastic surgery “Olympics,” scoring just behind the United States in the total number of people electing to have cosmetic surgery each year

Female derrieres are part and parcel of Brazilian culture, featured in music and poetry during the past hundred years, and the fascination shows no signs of receding. With globalization, the rise of the internet, and social media that knows no geographic boundaries, women across the world now see perfect, round backsides on superstars onscreen, and they want their bottoms to look like that. 

Have a consultation on the Brazilian butt lift

At your consultation with Dr. Angobaldo, he asks you about your goals. What do you want your bottom to look like? This helps him determine whether the butt lift is right for you. 

Dr. Angobaldo takes photos and measurements of your bottom, which help him assess whether you have healthy skin tone in the area. That’s important, because the purpose of the butt lift isn’t to fix loose skin on your bottom after significant weight loss; the name is a misnomer. It does enhance the size and shape of your buttocks, but it’s an enhancement, not a complete redo of the bottom your genetics gave you. If you have a really flat bottom, you may benefit more from implants and a butt augmentation rather than the butt lift. Dr. Angobaldo also performs those. 

You need to be in good health for the operation, because you won’t be able to sit down or sleep on your back for at least two weeks after the procedure, and you won’t be able to bear full weight on your buttocks and sit normally for up to eight weeks. The new fat injected into your bottom needs adequate blood flow to survive its transplant, and sitting down decreases blood to your buttocks. 

An extra benefit of the Brazilian butt lift 

The Brazilian butt lift really accomplishes two goals at once. Because Dr. Angobaldo needs to harvest fat from another body area, you can decrease the fat on your abdomen or other trouble spot at the same time as receiving the butt lift

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Which Chemical Peel is Right for You?: Renaissance Plastic Surgery: Plastic Surgery

Do you feel self-conscious because of facial imperfections? Perhaps your face shows the remains of a bad case of teenage acne. You may be bothered by fine lines and wrinkles that have suddenly appeared. Perhaps you have dark spots from sun damage. All of these problems and more can be improved by a chemical peel. You can start the new year by smoothing these facial blemishes away with a chemical peel. 

Although it’s for cosmetic purposes, a chemical peel is a medical procedure. You should only trust a board-certified physician to administer this treatment. In the wrong hands, a peel could damage your skin. 

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeff Angobaldo with Renaissance Plastic Surgery, PLLC in Plano, Texas, is dedicated to helping you look your best. He explains the benefits of a chemical peel and discusses which type is best for you based on your skin flaws and skin type.  

What is a chemical peel? 

During a chemical peel, a chemical mixture is gently brushed on your skin and then removed after a specific time — usually minutes — depending on the type of peel. The solution makes the skin peel over the next one to 14 days, depending on the type of peel. 

Chemical peels remove signs of sun damage and acne and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. New skin cells begin to form, replacing those that have peeled off. Peels consist of various types of beneficial acids. 

What type of chemical peel is right for me?  

There are three types of chemical peels.  

Light chemical peel

A light chemical peel, also called a superficial peel, is the gentlest type. It sloughs away the epidermis, your outermost layer of skin that’s visible to the eye. A light chemical peel helps the following skin issues: 

  • Fine lines and surface wrinkles
  • Dark spots caused by sun damage or acne scarring
  • Acne
  • Dry skin

Dr. Angobaldo may choose glycolic acid, which provides light skin exfoliation. He may also select salicylic acid if you have acne; it acts on your oil glands. You’ll likely need a follow-up session or two at the one-month mark to achieve the look you want.  

Medium chemical peel

A medium peel is a bit stronger than a light peel. It removes two skin layers: your epidermis and the top of the dermis, just below the epidermis. A medium peel targets the following types of blemishes: 

  • Wrinkles
  • Dark spots/mottled skin tone 
  • Acne scarring

Dr. Angobaldo may use TCA, a particular type of acid, for a medium peel because it penetrates deeper than the acids used in the light peel. Depending on how pronounced your blemishes are, you’ll likely need more than one treatment to achieve the look you want. 

Deep chemical peel

A deep peel removes three layers of skin: the epidermis plus the top two layers of your dermis. If you have deep acne scars or wrinkles that are grooves, you may opt for a deep peel. You only get a deep peel once, as the effect lasts for years. Phenol is the chemical used most often. A deep peel is not recommended if you have dark skin, as it has a bleaching effect

Dr. Angobaldo reviews your medical history and examines your skin during your consultation. He lets you know If a chemical peel is right for you. If it would harm your skin, he provides information on other treatments that can help you. 

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What to Expect from an Arm Lift (Brachioplasty): Renaissance Plastic Surgery: Plastic Surgery

Are you dreading the summer because of loose, flabby upper arms that are going to show when you wear sleeveless outfits? You know the moniker “chicken wings” is an apt description. 

Perhaps you’ve lost a significant amount of weight recently, and the skin that stretched out over time now has nowhere to go. You have extra folds under your arms because your skin no longer has enough collagen and elastin, proteins that keep skin firm. If you’re a normal weight but have loose, hanging skin under your arms, your condition could simply be a matter of heredity and age. 

Extra folds of skin under your upper arm aren’t just a cosmetic issue; they can result in rashes and inflammation, becoming a health and hygiene problem. 

Dr. Jeff Angobaldo with Renaissance Plastic Surgery, PLLC in Plano, Texas, provides expert cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to help you look as good as you feel. He performs arm lifts, also called brachioplasties, for many patients. 

When you’re dissatisfied with your appearance, it can affect every segment of your life — from career to intimate relationships. You’ll likely get a surge of self-confidence after your brachioplasty, simply because your arm shape is in the normal range, not something to be embarrassed about.  

Prior to your arm lift

Dr. Angobaldo discusses your goals for plastic surgery. He reviews your medical history and medications. If he agrees you’re a candidate for brachioplasty, you’ll go for pre-op tests such as a chest X-ray and other tests to ensure you’re in good enough general health to have the operation. If you smoke, you’ll need to stop smoking as soon as possible before the operation, as smoking retards wound healing. No one wants complications from surgery. 

What happens during an arm lift?

Dr. Angobaldo marks the places on your arms where small incisions will be made — usually on the inside or the back of your upper arms. You’ll have either IV sedation or general anesthesia during the procedure. 

Dr. Angobaldo uses liposuction to remove the excess fat. The next step is removing the excess skin. The last step is closing your skin around the opening. It’s a straightforward procedure. 

Recovery from an arm lift

You’ll need someone to drive you home after the procedure. Follow all of Dr. Angobaldo’s post-op written instructions. You’ll have follow-up appointments to ensure that you’re healing properly. You’ll be able to see the change in your arms immediately once any swelling goes down. 

The surgical site team may give you a compression sleeve to reduce swelling. You may also have a tube in your arm that drains fluid after the procedure; your written instructions tell you how to take care of yourself. 

Just as before surgery, don’t smoke while you’re recovering; it’s not worth the risk of complications or developing permanent scarring. You’ll be able to resume going to work and  light daily activities in two weeks, and in six weeks, you should be back to normal. 

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Miss Your Pre-Preggo Body? Get it Back With a Mommy Makeover: Renaissance Plastic Surgery: Plastic Surgery

You’ve built a family you’re proud of, but you may be less than thrilled with the effects that bringing a new life into the w

Bringing a baby into the world is an incredibly exciting journey — in just nine short months, your body shifts and changes to accommodate your growing fetus. While you welcome your new bundle of joy with open arms, you may be less enthusiastic about the aftermath in your body.

Luckily, we have a way (well, several ways) to get you back to your pre-pregnancy body through a Mommy Makeover. A Mommy Makeover is also great for patients that have experienced significant weight loss.

At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, under the expert guidance of Dr. Jeff Angobaldo, we offer an extensive array of cosmetic options — both surgical and nonsurgical — that are designed to bring out the best in your body. As an example, if you’re done having children, we can combine several of our innovative techniques to restore your body to its pre-pregnancy glory (and even make a few improvements over the old model!) with a Mommy Makeover.

If you miss your pre-preggo body, here’s how our Mommy Makeover can help.

Bringing your chest profile back

Some of the most dramatic changes in your body during and after pregnancy occur in your breasts. Toward the end of your pregnancy, your breasts swell in size as they prepare themselves to feed your child. Once your baby is born, your breasts remain enlarged as you breastfeed.

Once your baby is weaned, your breasts shrink again, but they often take on a very different shape and position from when you started. In some cases, your breasts may droop in a condition called ptosis, which is caused by overstretched skin and ligaments. 

You may also end up with smaller, uneven, or hollowed breasts as fat is slow to return to these areas. Rounding out the list of problems, you may be left with overly large nipples.

To address these concerns, we offer both a breast lift to reposition your breasts higher on your chest and a breast augmentation to add volume to your breasts. We can also resize your nipples during these procedures. When you come in, we can decide which approach would make the most sense for your total Mommy Makeover plan.

Tackling the belly

Another unfortunate result of pregnancy is a belly that’s far less toned than it once was. For starters, pregnancy stretches your skin and sometimes separates your abdominal muscles. This can leave you with loose skin around your abdomen that no amount of exercise or firming creams can touch.

To restore tone to your belly, we offer a tummy tuck to repair your abdominal muscles and remove excess tissue. 

And if your pregnancy has left you with stubborn pockets of fat in your belly, we can perform liposuction at the same time.

Give your butt a lift

During your pregnancy, your muscles shift to better carry the extra weight. This can mean that your once-muscular behind loses its tone and becomes flatter. To restore a little perkiness to your hind end, we offer a Brazilian butt lift, an innovative technique in which we remove fat from where you don’t want it and inject it into your buttocks.

The hidden problem

The last procedure we offer in a Mommy Makeover is a labiaplasty to tighten your genitalia. During delivery, your labia may have been overly stretched and the tissue may not have bounced back properly, This can leave you with excess tissues that are both unsightly and uncomfortable. With a labiaplasty, we remove the excess tissue to tighten your labia.

Every woman goes through different changes during pregnancy, so we tailor your Mommy Makeover to your unique concerns and goals. We make every effort to combine procedures where we can so you can get back to your pre-pregnancy body more quickly. It’s also important that you only undergo a Mommy Makeover once you’re sure you’re not going to get pregnant again.

To explore your options with a Mommy Makeover, contact our office in Plano, Texas, to set up a consultation. Book your appointment online with Dr. Angobaldo, or give us a call at 972-378-3870. You can also send our team a message here on our website.

Laser Hair Removal: You’ll Wonder Why You Waited So Long: Renaissance Plastic Surgery: Plastic Surgery

Even though it’s winter and you’re often in your pajamas all day due to COVID-19, you’re likely thinking about spring and summer and dreaming of being outside. That means lots of arms and legs in shorts and swimsuits. As a woman, one of your never-ending tasks is shaving your legs, your underarms, and your bikini line. 

Unwanted hair is a bane to both sexes. If you’re a man and your nickname is “Bear” because your shoulders and back look like a grizzly, you’re wishing for smooth skin without that hair. 

If you want to be done with shaving and waxing once and for all, laser hair removal is your answer. Once you see your smooth, silky legs day after day with no need for a razor or wax, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. And men will no longer need to feel self-conscious when taking off a shirt to swim or get a tan. 

You should always look to a board-certified physician for any medical-grade cosmetic procedure, and that includes laser hair removal. Dr. Jeff Angobaldo, board-certified plastic surgeon with Renaissance Plastic Surgery, PLLC, in Plano, Texas, performs laser hair removal for many satisfied patients. 

Where can laser hair removal be performed? 

Laser hair removal can be done on almost any part of the body except eyelids and the delicate area under the eyebrows. The most common laser hair removal procedures include work on the following areas: 

  • Legs
  • Underarms
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Abdomen
  • Above the lip
  • Chin 
  • Bikini line 

What happens during laser hair removal?

Dr. Angobaldo uses a handheld device with a laser for the procedure. The beam of laser light moves through the surface of your skin to reach your hair follicles. The laser’s heat attracts the pigment in the hair follicles. The heat energy from the laser then destroys the follicles’ ability to produce hair

Don’t worry about the heat. Dr. Angobaldo uses a laser with a cooling device or a cool gel to ensure your skin is protected from the laser’s powerful heat energy. 

Does laser hair removal hurt? 

Some patients describe the feeling as the snapping of a rubber band against your skin or a series of pinpricks. You’ll sense a cool feeling from the gel or the device. 

Does laser hair removal work on all skin and hair colors?

Dr. Angobaldo advises you whether laser hair removal will work well for you. If you have light skin and darker hair, laser hair removal is going to work well for you. White or gray hair doesn’t have as much pigment to absorb the laser’s light beam, so the procedure may not be advisable in that case. Dark hair on dark skin requires specific types of lasers. 

How many laser sessions will I need to remove unwanted hair?

The number of sessions varies with the area of the body treated. Normally, you’ll need at least three to six sessions based on which area we’re treating. The sessions are often four to eight weeks apart because your hair grows in cycles, not all at the same time. You may need periodic maintenance as the years go by, but by and large, you’ll be done with unwanted hair. 

After laser hair removal

Aside from the length of time between laser hair removal sessions, another reason to start your treatments now: You’ll need to avoid the sun after them. Don’t try to get a tan, and use sunscreen daily even if it’s just a trip to the store. That’s why winter is the perfect time to start your series of laser hair removal sessions. Be sure to follow all of Dr. Angobaldo’s post-procedure instructions. 

Call or message Renaissance Plastic Surgery today to start your laser hair removal sessions and be free of shaving and waxing this summer. 


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