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Rhinoplasty Plano, TX

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose job or nose reshaping is a type of surgery done on the nose to enhance the proportion of the nose and facial harmony. The procedure involves the sculpting of the cartilage and the nose bone by the plastic surgeon to achieve the patient’s desired look. Normally, the procedure lasts between one to two hours, however, if the surgery is complex, it can take longer.  Rhinoplasty can be done for medical purposes such as treating breathing problems or correcting deformity. In addition, Rhinoplasty can be conducted for cosmetic purposes whose main aim is to change the shape or appearance of the nose.

Who are the Good Candidates for a Rhinoplasty

There are various candidates who are ideal for a rhinoplasty. First,. People with a deviated septum which causes breathing impairments are good candidates for this type of surgery. This type of noose job is done to correct or improve an obstructed airway by adjusting the nasal structure to form an improved configuration. Individuals whose noses are asymmetrical as a result of injuries are also good candidates for a rhinoplasty.

Individuals whose nose profile has visible depressions or bumps on the bridge are good candidates for this type of rhinoplasty. Secondly, individuals who feel as if their nose is indirectly proportional to other facial structures, are also good candidates for a nose job.

Additionally, individuals whose noses are off-centre or crooked are also good candidates for a rhinoplasty. People who have a protruding, puffy or drooping nasal tip. In addition to the above characteristics, good candidates should also have completed their facial growth, be physically healthy and preferably non-smokers.

The Recovery Time for a Rhinoplasty

When the cast is removed, usually after one week, the nose usually looks bruised and swollen. The nose goes through significant changes in the first two to twelve weeks. After the first two weeks, the swelling and the bruising subside enough for people not to realize that the nose has been operated. During the first three to four months, the swelling dissipates gradually hence, causing a change in the nose’s appearance. It can take as long as one year for the nose to gain its final shape.

The Cost of a Typical Nose Job

Nose jobs vary from patient to patient depending on factors such as the cause for the surgery. As such, the cost of a rhinoplasty procedure varies with respect to different factors such as the expertise and reputation of the surgeon, the complexity of the surgery, the surgeon’s geographic location and many other factors.

Normally, the cost of a typical nose job can range from $3000 to $15,000.  Nose jobs conducted in the surgeon’s office, commonly known as the private surgical suites, are usually the cheapest usually costing $3000 or less for a single procedure.

Nose jobs conducted in ambulatory surgical centres whereby all the required surgical components required are provided to the surgeon by a third party are normally more expensive.  Such procedures usually cost $3000 and above per procedure. Lastly, hospitals are the most expensive facilities to get a rhinoplasty with costs ranging between $6000 and above. Despite being expensive, hospitals are the best facilities to conduct nose jobs as they have the best equipment required for conducting surgeries and for dealing with complications such as over bleeding.