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Dr. Jeff Angobaldo is a board-certified plastic surgeon licensed in the State of Texas. His office is in Plano, TX where he houses a full accredited ambulatory surgical facility.

Dr. Angobaldo is very well regarded by his patients and colleagues, and is known for going out of his way to ensure patient satisfaction. Our Renaissance Plastic Surgery team in Plano provides the best care they can, read our patient reviews.

Willing to lend his expertise, Dr. Angobaldo was featured on Good Morning Texas and is a national spokesman for the SlimLipo laser liposuction technology. Additionally, he provides expert interviews for Bizymoms.com answering readers’ more popular questions about cosmetic procedures such as tummy tuck, rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Dr. Angobaldo graduated from the University of Michigan in 1996. He then attended Wayne State University where he received a Masters in Biomedical Science in 1997. He graduated with distinction from the University of Michigan School of Medicine in 2002.

Smart Graft

Hair restoration procedures in the past used to require surgery and leaves a large linear scar on the head. Recovery time was also slow and quite uncomfortable. Innovative follicular unit extraction technologies have been introduced but are still very slow and ineffective.
SmartGraft is a smoother option for both women and men who are searching for a permanent fix for hair loss. SmartGraft makes use of a blend of state-of-the-art- tech and precision craftsmanship rather than a scalpel.
This procedure can be carried out with more diligence in less time as compared to any other method. Patients are permitted to go back to work within one or two days. The results also look and feel totally natural.
When researching good hair restoration procedures, it is important to know how the SmartGraft process works, what to prepare for ahead of time, expectations during the procedure, as well as when you will see the results.
The first step starts with the initial consultation with the trained hair restoration physician. This physician will ask you about your medical history after which he’ll perform a scalp evaluation and outline a recommended strategic plan. The expert will explain the procedure exhaustively and determine the particular number of grafts required for an effective, natural-looking result according to your preference.