Breast Reduction Surgery in Plano, TX

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat, skin and glandular tissue from the breasts in order to make them smaller, lighter and firmer. The goal of this procedure is to reduce the size of overly large breasts in order to improve self-esteem and enhance physical comfort. It can also have the added benefits of improving posture and helping you to feel more comfortable in clothes that may have previously been difficult to fit into.

Who is an ideal candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is suitable for women of all ages who are unhappy with the size and shape of their breasts. Breast reduction may also be appropriate for men who have enlarged male breasts (gynecomastia). It is important to note that breast reduction surgery is not recommended for those whose breasts are still growing or developing, as this can lead to an uneven breast shape.

What are the benefits of getting Breast Reduction Surgery?

The biggest benefit of breast reduction surgery is improved self-esteem and confidence. Other benefits include: improved posture, more comfortable clothing fit, reduced back and neck pain from excessive weight, increased physical activity levels due to less strain on the body, and a more proportionate figure.

Are there any potential risks associated with getting Breast Reduction Surgery?

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with breast reduction surgery. These can include infection, blood clots and excessive bleeding. It is important to speak with your doctor about all potential risks before undergoing the procedure. You should also ask for a list of aftercare instructions in order to ensure that you have the best possible outcome from the surgery.

How much does Breast Reduction Surgery cost?

The cost of breast reduction surgery varies depending on the complexity of the procedure, where it is performed and who performs it. The average cost can range anywhere from $3,000-$10,000 USD in the United States. Health insurance companies may cover some or all of the costs associated with breast reduction surgery if your doctor can prove that it is medically necessary.

What is recovery like after Breast Reduction Surgery?

Most people will experience some swelling, bruising and discomfort after breast reduction surgery. Your doctor may prescribe pain medication to help with any discomfort you may feel. It is important to follow all of your doctor’s instructions for recovery in order to ensure the best possible outcome from the procedure. Most people can return to work and other activities within a few weeks of having the surgery. However, it is important to wait until your doctor clears you for any strenuous activities in order to avoid any further injury or complications.

Overall, breast reduction surgery can be a life-changing experience for many individuals who struggle with overly large breasts. It can help reduce physical discomfort, improve self-esteem.

What should I do before Breast Reduction Surgery?

Before undergoing breast reduction surgery, it is important to discuss all of your concerns and expectations with your doctor. You should also ask any questions you may have about the procedure, potential risks and complications, recovery process and cost. Your doctor will likely recommend that you stop smoking or taking certain medications (like aspirin) at least 6-8 weeks prior.

How long do the results last after Breast Reduction Surgery?

The results of breast reduction surgery are typically permanent, although they may change slightly over time as a result of weight gain/loss or age-related changes. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise regimen in order to help extend the longevity of your results.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Consult your doctor for specific questions about your individual health, diagnosis, treatment and recovery timeline. 

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