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Eyebrows are one of the most important facial features. They play a significant role in determining the beauty of the face and could alter the entire shape of the face. Eyebrows can be shaped to alter your expression at any point and change the symmetry of your face. And a poorly drawn eyebrow could turn you into the community clown. No wonder that eyebrows are one of the most important aspects of any makeup application.

For people who have naturally thin or misshapen brows, the constant need to draw the perfect brows at all times may be frustrating. The worst case scenario is when an individual has lost their brows completely. Who can tell just when the brows are going to get smudged without the wearer’s knowledge? Or worst of all, not having a mirror to repair the smudged brows after being notified by a friend. These scenarios could drive a whole lot of misery into a person’s day. To avoid such scenarios or just to relieve the stress of drawing on the perfect brows every morning during your makeup routine, you could consider permanent makeup for brows.

For those with gapped brows, scars or no brows at all, the first step to deciding whether to go for permanent brows is in learning some details about it, and the procedure involved in the drawing of permanent brows.


Permanent makeup for brows are drawn in different ways but must be done by an expert beautician or surgeon. Before a procedure can be carried out, the shape and color preferences of the client must be established. It is usually determined before the day of the procedure.

Facial contours and shapes are important aspects to be considered by the beautician responsible for the makeup. The best brows are gotten by working with the natural shapes and contours of the patient’s face. The choice of color is also imperative, as it must fit with the individual’s skin tone in order not to have a visibly awkward result.

Permanent makeup, unlike tattoos, does not involve the use of inks and doesn’t last forever. It involves the use of less concentrated but thicker pigments, which would eventually fade with time. Touch-ups are often required within a couple of years to maintain the fullness of the brows.

There are two processes of applying permanent eyebrow makeup: micro pigmentation and microblading. While micropigmentation involves the use of a machine, microblading is done with a hand tool and is good for lighter wispier looks.


Hair stroke eyebrows

Also known as hair stimulation technique, is used in the creation of the most natural-looking eyebrows. The procedure results in the creation of eyebrows that are feathered from your natural brows or brow shapes. It involves drawing feathered strokes and looks more like real hair than a solid fill would.

The powdered technique

For someone who wants the full looking brows that come with a perfect make-up session, this would be satisfactory. You still get the soft texture but with the fill of a regular eyebrow pencil or shadow.

Drawing permanent makeup for brows results in natural-looking brows, and not a big black slash over the eyes as some fear irrespective of the technique used.

Permanent eyebrow makeup works for all categories of people. Whether you have suffered hair loss from chemotherapy or alopecia, plucking, scarring or you just want to have your makeup dreams for the whole of next year.


Most times, you need an initial consultation with the beautician to determine what works best for you regarding color and shape. You would also get an idea of what you want to get done and the procedures involved while getting comfortable with your beautician.

For the procedure, a numbing cream is rubbed into your brows to reduce the prickling effect of the needle scratching across your skin. Anesthetics are also available but could result in swelling. The process would probably last for about an hour. You might have a headache at the end of the procedure, and maybe shed a few tears, but nothing adverse will occur.

The healing process might be more stressful, on the other hand. There would be some itching, drying and flaking within the next one week after the procedure. During this period, touching the skin is not recommended except for constant moisturizing with clean hands only. Moisturizer should be applied a minimum of two times daily. However, you should avoid the urge to swipe or scratch at the skin as this could lead to uneven healing. Activities that could result in sweating should also be minimized during the healing time.

About four weeks to six weeks after the first procedure, a touch-up session follows. It is done to fill in any area that didn’t heal well or is uneven. You also get an opportunity to fill in the brows or adjust the color if you want. It is left untouched for another week or two. After this, your permanent brows will be perfect and you can flaunt it just the way you want. Regular moisturizing and sun protection should be made a pre the brows.

If you you need permanent eyebrow Permanent Makeup in Plano, TX, you can get your permanent eyebrow done by our expert beauticians.

For further enquiries and to get your Permanent Makeup in Plano, contact us. Our Plano, TX beauticians can help you make the right choice.

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