Permanent Makeup Lip Blush in Plano, TX


Permanent makeup is also known as cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation. It is called permanent makeup because after doing it, you will no longer need to apply makeups on your face anymore. To put it in the simplest form, a permanent makeup for lips is a permanent tattoo that makes it look like you are wearing a lipstick. There are permanent makeups for lips, eyes and even eyebrow. The main objective of permanent makeup in  Plano, TX is to make you look younger and more beautiful. Permanent makeup for lips is a procedure that involves implanting a pigment into the upper layer of the lips. There are several methods of doing this makeup. It could be by hand, through rotary or pen machine, traditional tattoo or even coil machine. Even though it is referred to as permanent makeup for lips, it can gradually fade over time, so it requires periodic touch-ups. However, no matter how much it fades, its color cannot run off. You don’t have to bother about its safety because if proper disinfection and sterilization guidelines are followed to the letter, permanent cosmetics are very safe.


There are several benefits of permanents for lips. The first and most important one is that once it is done, you don’t have to apply any lipstick on your lip anymore. This is a great benefit for those who generally have busy days and barely have time for themselves. It is also a great idea for the ladies that have issues applying lipsticks. The third category of ladies that require permanent makeup for lips are the ones suffering from impaired vision. Applying lipsticks or any other makeup will be difficult for them as they cannot see properly. People with allergies to conventional makeups can also go for permanent makeup. Another benefit is the permanence. Even though the color will fade out gradually with time, it can’t be washed off completely. It never runs or smears. Sweat has little or no effect on it. It makes you look younger and more beautiful. Permanent makeup for lips also gives you a fuller pair of lips. It can also balance uneven lips. Apart from that, it helps to curb some lip diseases like wrinkles and smokers’ lines. Although it is possible for anybody to develop allergies to permanent cosmetics, such cases are extremely rare. Generally, good specialists make it look as natural as possible and that is why over 50 percent of female celebrities go for the procedure.


The first procedure usually takes from two to two and half hours but follow up touchups usually take less time if there are no complications. It takes two to three weeks before the lips heal up completely and it is then you will begin to see the full manifestation of the procedure. After about six to eight weeks, you will need to go for the first follow up procedure. It is after the procedure that you see the real color of the tattooed lips in full. Longevity of the procedure before it begins to fade depends on individuals. It depends on the skin type and the level of exposure to sunlight. However, it usually takes between seven to ten years for the color fading to be noticeable. The more you expose it to sunlight the faster it will fade. It is advisable you reduce how often you suntan and also apply lip balm on your lips regularly as that will reduce the effect of sun rays on your lips.


No matter how good the makeup procedure is, choosing a wrong color can mar the result. So, it is better to take the time before you decide the color. The first thing is to identify your undertone. After that you will now check the color shades that go with your undertone. This makes it look very natural. It is also advisable to choose versatile colors that go with a lot of colors. Remember, you will be wearing different outfit colors and you will want your lips to go well with them. You might also want to change your hair color at any time. If you have a pale skin, you should go for a nude toned color. You should also consider peachy shades and have your lips lined with nude gloss. You should stay away from burgundy and dark brown as it will be in wide contrast with your skin and make you look weird. People with dark complexion are very lucky. They have a wide choice of lip colors. But pigments with coral shades or pigments with orange touch are the best. Having a wide choice of colors does not mean every color of pigmentation goes for them. They should avoid chalky colors or any touch of white. If you have olive complexion, you are good with natural warm tones. Other colors that will go well with your skin color are perky coral, sunset reds and probably warm amber. Avoid colors like brown and purple. If your skin color is between pale and olive, you should consider a color like blue based reds. Apart from that, flesh tones and bronzes are also suitable for you. You should avoid purple. If you have a light Asian skin, it is advisable to go for bold reds. You should also avoid nudes as they will make you lips look pasty. Conclusively, these are mere guidelines, you might need to involve your specialist when choosing the color of your permanent makeup for lips. If you are a resident of Plano, TX and you are interested in the procedure, visit www.drplano.net.

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