Surgical Fat Transfer Procedures

Do you wish to have a trimmer body and to have more curves? You should consider fat transfer surgery. The purpose of this procedure is to fill in volume deficient areas which may include the face, buttocks and breasts. Facial creases, breast augmentation, breast implant, breast reconstruction, buttocks augmentation, and hand rejuvenation are the procedures covered under this surgery. Every year, thousands of people world over have fat transfer surgeries for a variety of reasons, some are cosmetic, and others are corrective.

This procedure is also referred to as fat injection or fat grafting. It involves a transfer of fat from areas where they are unwanted or excessive to be injected in places where there are no enough fat deposits such as the face, hands, buttocks or breasts. The procedure used in harvesting the fat is called liposuction, and it can be used to add volume to fill a grove, dimple, or in contouring a deformity. This simple procedure is one of the many services we offer.


So many inpiduals can take advantage of this procedure since it corrects and enhances. People who have sunken or creased facial areas may consider a fat transfer. Also, those who desire a surgery which is more permanent than just fillers and wish to work on their body contour, fill depressions in the body, revise scars, and reconstruct their breast can also benefit from fat grafting or transfer. Generally, if you are in a perfect health condition, and you are positive

and have a realistic expectation, you are a great candidate for this surgery.


Fat transfer is an ideal option to correct some deformities which may be natural and also enhance the overall look of the body, and it is great because the fat used to correct it is autologous. This implies that the fat is extracted from your own body. This sort of extraction has an advantage as opposed to other dermal fillers and also reduces any chance of an allergic reaction to the foreign compounds which may be contained within them. The results of this procedure are also natural and are safe to carry out. This method of fat grafting is also a noninvasive way of achieving facial rejuvenation.

Do you wish to explore any cosmetic fat transfer surgery? Then call us for a consultation to find out what procedure would be best for you.