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It is the dream of every one to have a body that is not just the cynosure of all eyes but one that they will feel confident and proud of, a body that is devoid of excess body fat. Are you that man or woman who worries about those pockets of fat that have stubbornly refused to budge despite engaging in diets and several workout sessions? Help has come your way to achieve that body you have always dreamed of. With laser liposuction, we are sure to put a smile on your face after seeing the unbelievable yet desired results.



Laser liposuction or laser-assisted liposuction is the latest plastic surgery procedure to remove excess fat, improve the contours of the body and tighten the skin. Also as effective as the traditional liposuction, this procedure does not, however, require that the patient stays in the hospital overnight. Our laser liposuction uses laser energy to break up the fat in the body before removal from the body hence eliminating the need for harsh suction. We carry out two types of laser liposuction, these are


1. Internal laser liposuction- our trained doctor attaches the laser to the end

of a fiber-optic probe or a suction device and inserts it into the part of the patient’s body that needs treatment.

2. External Laser liposuction- we use a laser that is shaped like a pen or pad on the external layer of the patient’s body to break up the fat tissues. This is usually carried out before we begin the surgery.



Laser liposuction is for those who wish to quickly and painlessly remove excess fats in mild to moderate amounts from the following areas







•Back rolls and

•Male breast excess

People who have skin superficial problems such as scarring from earlier surgeries and cellulite can also benefit from suction which will improve the skin.



Our Laser liposuction comes highly recommended in reshaping certain problematic areas of your bodythat have not responded to exercise and dieting.We also use laser liposuction to treat certain conditions such as: 

• Metabolism of fat problems in the body

• The abnormal growth or enlargement of male breasts

• Fatty tumors that are benign (lipomas).

With our laser liposuction, we ensure reduced bruising, quicker recovery time and less likelihood of infection.

Schedule your laser liposuction consultation by calling us today and you will be glad you did.

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