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As we age, our foreheads begin to sag along with the rest of our skin. With this forehead sagging and wrinkling, comes sagging brows. Sagging brows are frustrating for everyone, but for some people they are frustrating enough that we get asked to help reverse them. We love providing our clients with the facial aesthetic that they want and that includes their brow and forehead area.


Brow Lifts used to resemble a bit of a chop shop with a large slit from ear to ear across the forehead for each Brow Lift procedure, but now plastic surgery has advanced to the place where the Brow Lift only requires a few incisions that are microscopically small. In addition, the Brow Lift now requires little down time after surgery.

No wonder that many patients who want to see an improvement in their face, but who do not need the intense FaceLift treatment have chosen to get the Brow Lift plastic surgery treatment. Even celebrities are jumping at a chance to get the new Brow Lift.


A Brow Lift is a surgery that helps to raise sagging brows and also removes the “hood” that can appear above the upper eyelids. It also allows surgeons to put the eyebrows in a more youthful position and to to make the eyebrows look more alert. Essentially the loose skin that begins to sag in these areas around middle age and early late age can be avoided or corrected with a Brow Lift in a safe and minimally invasive way.

It is similar to a FaceLift, but it is less invasive and it also does not have the same goal as it focuses primarily on the eye, eyebrow, and forehead area while a traditional Facelift will focus on the whole face.


The brow lift procedure is rising in popularity as the procedure has advanced and now only requires a few minor incisions. The scarring is minimal thanks to the microscopic incisions. Many patients are turning to the brow lift instead of the face lift for its minimally invasive procedure and excellent results as well as the ability to jump right back into life following the surgery. To find out which treatment is best for you, allow Dr. Angobaldo to speak with you about your goals and examine your current situation during an initial consultation at the office located in Plano, TX.


A good candidate for a Brow Lift is someone who is healthy, who does not smoke, and someone who has a realistic view of what a Brow Lift can do for them. Men and women in their late 30s, 40s, and early 50s are the best candidates for a Brow Lift because they should have minimal drooping. Those with extreme drooping or extensive sagging should consider a traditional FaceLift instead as the Brow Lift is most effective for those with mild to moderate eye, eyebrow, and forehead loose skin sagging.

If you have additional questions or concerns about the Brow Lift plastic surgery treatment procedure, please feel free to contact our leading plastic surgeon Dr. Jeff Angobaldo. We have our premiere office space in Plano, TX and welcome patients in the surrounding Texas region as well as those who travel in to visit us for our plastic surgery procedures and treatments. Renaissance Plastic Surgery is committed to providing patients with the safest and highest quality treatments and procedures that the plastic surgery industry has to offer.

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