Facelift Revision – Plano, TX: Renaissance Plastic Surgery


Are you less and less satisfied with your facelift? Do you feel you require another surgery after your first facelift procedure or do you feel your initial facelift had some errors? Well, it isn’t unusual for people who initially had a facelift to feel this way. Many individuals who have previously undergone this procedure might still require additional surgery. This additional surgery is done to correct the results of the initial facelift surgery. You might need to undergo a revision facelift if there are still parts of the last procedure that require correction. This cosmetic facelift revision procedure can significantly enhance a person’s appearance. It will essentially revitalize their appearance and make them feel much younger. So you can confidently receive a revision without worry from our highly skilled, and certified pro fessional facial re-constructive and plastic surgeon.



A revision facelift is a minor procedure that is carried out after a facelift procedure. The secondary facelift is conducted to fix the results of the initial procedure when there may be areas that still require correction. A revision facelift surgery can be customized to your wishes, and it is done in a unique manner that addresses each of your concerns after the first surgery. A revision facelift is usually performed on an individual who has had a face lift surgery several years earlier as the results of a facelift can only last for about ten years. Sometimes, this procedure is performed because certain aspects of the initial facelift were neglected. In other instances, a patient may seek a revision facelift surgery because they were not satisfied with their first facelift and they want several areas corrected.



The key benefits of a cosmetic facelift revision surgery include removal of wrinkles, reduction of scarring so that it is no longer visible leaving a smoother facial and neck skin. It also creates a longer lasting effect that looks more natural resulting in a more rejuvenated look.



If you have had undergone a facelift surgery several years earlier, and you notice that the results are beginning to fade, then you need to consider having a revision facelift surgery so as to revitalize your general appearance. It is also good for you if you feel less confident about your face after the first procedure.


If you feel less confident about your face after the first procedure, then you should call us for a consultation.