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Welcome to the world of hair restoration. We’re a full-service practice offering every hair treatment you could imagine – from hair transpant services, products, injections, and more! Come join us in our unique location that was specially designed to feel comfortable and professional. Our team of  experts are looking forward to taking care of you.

Hair Restoration

Smartgraft hair restoration restores your hair using your current hair follicles. This method is good for men and women who are losing hair and need to restore fullness.

Fue Hair Transplants

Our state of the art FUE technology is a procedure that Dr. Plano performs that helps restore your hair that is loss because of a variety of reasons.

Restoration Products

Our hair products work in tandem with our cosmetic procedures to restore your hair quicker while also restoring damaged follicles.

SmartGraft Hair Restoration In Plano, TX, Dr Plano

Hair restoration procedures in the past used to require surgery and leaves a large linear scar on the head. Recovery time was also slow and quite uncomfortable. Innovative follicular unit extraction technologies have been introduced but are still very slow and ineffective.

SmartGraft is a smoother option for both women and men who are searching for a permanent fix for hair loss. SmartGraft makes use of a blend of state-of-the-art- tech and precision craftsmanship rather than a scalpel.

This procedure can be carried out with more diligence in less time as compared to any other method. Patients are permitted to go back to work within one or two days. The results also look and feel totally natural.

When researching good hair restoration procedures, it is important to know how the SmartGraft process works, what to prepare for ahead of time, expectations during the procedure, as well as when you will see the results.

The first step starts with the initial consultation with the trained hair restoration physician. This physician will ask you about your medical history after which he’ll perform a scalp evaluation and outline a recommended strategic plan. The expert will explain the procedure exhaustively and determine the particular number of grafts required for an effective, natural-looking result according to your preference.

Instructions on what to get for the procedure will also be given to you. Normally, most physicians start the procedure in the morning. You’ll want to wear comfortable garments and bring in your favorite music or videos which will keep you busy (with small ear buds).

Restore your hair

Now is the best time to invest in your hair. With technological advances in surgical procedures and non invasive treatements we can help you get back that head of hair you may have lost over time.

Hair Consultation

Hair Products

Non Invasive treatment

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