Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Plano, TX


Simply put, laser hair removal is the removal of unwanted hair using a laser which is an intense pulsating beam of light. The hair is exposed to pulses of the laser light. The light is absorbed by the pigments in the hair follicles, thus destroying the hair.

Laser hair removal is a simple cosmetic procedure and a good option if you are tired of waxing and shaving to remove the unwanted hair.

During the procedure, the laser beam passes through your skin to your hair follicle. The penetrating heat damages your hair follicle and slows down future hair growth. You may need to undergo several laser hair removal procedures for you to be hair-free for a long period as there is no guarantee of a permanent effect after one procedure.

Laser hair removal is safer for any individual with light skin and dark hair as the dark hair will absorb most of the light. However, for an individual with dark skin and light hair, because of the presence of melanin, the skin is more likely to absorb the light, and this may result in skin damage.

You can remove facial hairs particularly hairs on the upper lip, on the sides of the face and chin. You can also remove hair from the underarm, legs, arms, back, abdomen and chest. The procedure should, however, not be performed for hairs around the eyes. That is the area in-between the eyes and the eyebrow.

There are different types of lasers being utilized today depending on the hair type and skin color. An experienced and skilled specialist will be able to choose the most appropriate laser for each person.

Consult our professional Dermatologist or a qualified cosmetic surgeon to find out about your eligibility and how many sessions you may need to achieve your desired goal. If you are in Texas, you can book an appointment with Dr. Plano at Plano, TX for a chance to find out if you are a suitable candidate for laser the hair removal procedure.



The removal of unwanted hair using a laser is extremely effective for removing hair in major areas such as legs or chest. It has long-lasting and sometimes permanent results compared to traditional shaving and waxing. In fact, if for any reason, the hair regrows, it will be finer and lighter in color. The laser is precise and can specifically target dark and coarse hairs and remove them with ease while leaving the skin surrounding the hair undamaged. It gives accurate results.

The procedure also reduces ingrown hairs which usually show up in shaved or waxed areas of the body. It saves you the time of engaging in the daily routine of tweezing, shaving or waxing. It is beneficial to those with sensitive skin that is easily irritated by shaving or waxing. It is also convenient and fast. For example, the procedure on the underarm takes only about 20minutes.

It provides the ideal solution for the treatment of several conditions like Pseudofolliculitis, Hirsutism, and Keratosis Pilaris by getting rid of the unwanted hair in the affected area. Laser hair removal helps to increase self-confidence, and it is a great way to live an active life and participate in various activities.

It lets you enjoy an overall smoother skin compare to shaving or waxing as it removes all the hair. It gives the skin an opportunity to shrink the pores. For the bikini area, the procedure is a very cost-effective means of reducing or eliminating unwanted hairs and folliculitis.

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive hair removal procedure. It is safe, and as long as it is performed properly by a skilled cosmetic surgeon, you will get a perfectly safe and effective procedure. When you let Dr. Plano in Plano TX handle your unwanted hair, you will be satisfied with the results.

The procedure is simple and quite predictable. So, it can be carried out with little or no side effects.

Our team of professionals is however readily available to answer your questions, discuss with you and advise you on any possible side effects that may arise from the Laser hair removal procedure.



It takes about 4 to 6 laser hair removal sessions to ensure there is at least a 70 to 80% reduction in hair growth. The hair removal sessions should be four weeks apart. Each session can be performed within 10 to 15 minutes and is usually not too painful or uncomfortable.

However, the duration of the laser hair removal procedure is dependent on which area of your body is being worked on. The laser is capable of treating a quarter size area every second, its pulse takes only a fraction of a second, treating many hairs at once.

It takes less than a minute to treat hairs around the upper lip. It may take an hour of 3-5 sessions to treat legs, back, chest and other large areas. However, for a permanent effect of the laser on the upper lip, chin and sides of the face, about 3 to 5 sessions is required. The underarm area requires 3-5 sessions, few minutes for each session, 4 to 6 sessions for back hair to ensure 80 to 90% reduction, 10minutes to 1 hour for each session depending on the density of the hair.

To get effective results and destroy at least 90% of hair, the groin area requires nothing less than four sessions. It requires not less than seven sessions for the face. The bikini area requires 3 to 6 sessions of 10 to 15 minutes each to accomplish an 80-90% permanent reduction of the pubic hair in the area.

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