Photo Facial Treatment in Plano, TX


Photo Facials, which are otherwise referred to as intense pulsed light treatment and photo rejuvenation is another form of facial treatment which is extremely powerful and has become more popular. It is especially useful for people who show signs of aging and want to reduce the recovery time that it can take with a lot of the other procedures.



The process involves pulses of lights that are extremely powerful. This is not a laser technique, but it works off a device that emits light on the problem areas of the skin. It could be certain blemishes, age spots, freckles or birthmarks. The lights will focus on the blood capillaries underneath the surface of the skin. In addition to eliminating abnormalities in the texture and tone of the skin, the production of collagen will increase as well. This happens when smaller blood vessels become inflamed.



People find that they are left with a skin that is brighter and smoother in texture. Some people will experience some redness because of certain foods that they eat or after they have been drinking alcohol. IPL can treat this problem. Some people will experience a pigmentation that is uneven, and this will sort out the problem, leaving one with a smooth skin tone. There will be no bruising, scarring or pain after the treatment.

Some people also use this method to get rid of the ugly veins in their legs or to treat acne scars. Some people want to use this method for enlarged pores which often become a problem as one begins to age. One feels confident, knowing that this is a safe procedure. It only takes a couple of minutes per session, so it does not put you under a huge amount of pressure.

Knowing that you are able to go back to work the next day without any side effects can also put you at ease. Most people also want to be treated without any anesthetics or surgery because it becomes more complicated. One does not experience pain, but it can be uncomfortable with the lights shining down. However, a surgeon is equipped to provide you with a cream that is able to numb you from these effects.

Generally, the treatment with a Dr. Plano is not invasive, and folks like the fact that it is more on the gentle side, knowing that you don’t have to take time off from your busy schedule. When you are having a traditional facial, it is more complicated because you have to recover, often in secret from friends and family. You need to be aware of stitches and bruises, as well as the pain that comes with this. You will not experience this with photo facials.



Most people will need 3-6 treatments in order to experience the full benefits of the procedure. Each session will last approximately 20 minutes. The number of sessions will vary, depending on the individual. It can depend on what one wants to achieve. Sometimes, one will want to focus on reducing the size of the pores. It can take more time to do this. Most people will start to notice progress after a couple of weeks. Others, who are having something which is more complex, may have to take a few more weeks to start to notice these improvements.

Although this technique is suitable for people with sensitive skin, and there are no problems with the rate of recovery, there are also people who should be aware of the treatment as well. People with darker skin, those with scars or someone who is sensitive to light, should rather consider another option. Someone with lupus will not be a candidate to this type of treatment either. However, there are other laser plastic surgery options to consider.

Before you are treated, you need to remember to stick to your original skin tone. Someone who has been in the sun and who has developed a tan will not be able to achieve the results they are looking for. In fact, this can be severely damaging. However, this is something that your plastic surgeon will discuss with you beforehand. It is also necessary to abandon the treatment of any chemical or even natural beauty products. Most plastic surgeons will provide a consultation before the time, so that you know what is happening and how everything works. This is the time to ask questions.

If you feel that there is a slight redness or a flush to the face after the procedure, compress a cold cloth to the area for a couple of minutes. If you are any discomfort, it is recommended to take a painkiller. However, one should consult with the plastic surgeon in Plano, TX because this doesn’t happen often. The surgeon will tell you to avoid hot water for the next couple of days. It is recommended to wear a good sunscreen when you are going outside. You should wear a light moisturizer, but don’t invest in anything, such as scrubs or exfoliators, because this is going to do more damage to the skin.

Although your skin seems renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated, one must be aware that you are losing collagen all the time and the aging process doesn’t stop. This means that people have to return every so often. Most people will return every 6 months. It will depend on how you are being treated.

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