Butt Augmentation Procedures

Butt Augmentation Plano, TX If you wish to achieve a rounder, fuller, and more attractive buttocks and feel more confident in skirts, tight jeans, and also swimsuits, butt augmentation may be the perfect procedure for you. Even though there are some muscles in the buttocks, exercising those muscles can only do little, and for a lot of us, fat just does not go where we wish for it to go when we gain some weight. A butt augmentation can enable you to achieve that curvaceous figure which you desire, and it is one of our services.

What is butt augmentation?

This procedure is also called gluteal argumentation, and it involves fat grafting or use of implants or a mixture of both procedures to increase the butt size. Butt augmentation enhances and reshapes your gluteal area, giving you with a shapelier and an uplifted buttock profile. For over ten years, this simple procedure has become more popular world over, since shapely buttocks are now seen as a symbol of sensuality and femininity. The most popular methods for this enlargement and reshaping the buttocks implants or butt lift which involves using fat from your own natural fatty tissue.

Who benefits from it?

Anyone can benefit from butt augmentation since it enhances as well as corrects. However, if your buttocks are small compared to your body frame and you prefer a rather balanced look, you may benefit from this procedure. Also, if your buttock is too flat and you wish to have some more curves and a youthful appearance, you should consider this procedure. If you also previously lost weight or the age has made your buttocks saggy, loose, or flat or if your clothes or swimwear do not properly fit your figure, you can also benefit from the procedure.Why is it good for me?This procedure is great for you as it can take three different forms. The first is butt implants, and the second is buttock lift and last is fat injections. All three have similar effects, and the only difference is the methods used to implant them. Our procedures can correct or improve a physical flaw and lift your self-confidence and self-esteem as well. The procedure is also beneficial because when having a fat injection procedure, the fat used for the procedure is harvested from your body through a process called liposuction. This procedure is entirely safe and can give you a natural and much smoother shape. If you wish to explore possible butt augmentation options to give you a curvier figure, call us for a consultation on this procedure.