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Nipple Surgery Plano, TX

Nipple surgery is more common than you might think–and it is available for both men and women. There are various types of procedures available based upon what is going on with the appearance. This includes everything from addressing an inverted nipple to providing a reduction of a larger than desired nipple.

What is it Nipple Surgery?

There are various types of nipple surgeries available, often referred to as nipple contouring. This is going to vary based upon the current appearance and overall desired effects. Com mon procedures

– Nipple lift
– Nipple reduction
– Inverted nipple repair
– Nipple reconstruction
– Areolar reduction

With all of these different procedures, it’s possible to choose one that is going to help you get the desired appearance. If you have enlarged nipples or your nipples currently sag, it’s possible to enhance the aesthetics so that you are more confident with your body. Most surgeries happen very quickly, and are performed under local anesthesia. Addit
ionally, there are only small incisions and the scars are generally inconspicuous.

Who benefits from it?

Virtually anyone can benefit from a nipple surgery if they suffer from an inverted nipple, and large nipples, sagging nipples, or a large diameter pigmented skin that surrounds the nipples. Additionally, a new nipple can be created following a mastectomy. Most of the time, nipple surgeries are for aesthetic purposes only. A person can live with an inverted nipple or with them sagging, though most people don’t want to. It can help to make people feel more confident in life and in the bedroom.

Why is it good for me?

A nipple surgery may be good for you because it finally provides a natural look that gives you confidence. In many instances, nipple surgeries are done in under an hour, and recovery happens quickly. Before and after photos of previous nipple surgeries can show you what can be expected and give you hope for what you can look forward to after your own nipple con touring surgery.

Everyone is a little different. However, if you are not currently confident when you stand in front of the mirror and look at your nipples, various simple surgeries are available to you. When you wish to learn more about nipple surgery, schedule a consultation with our office. This will allow us to talk to you in depth about the surgery and how it can p rovide benefits to your appearance and your overall confidence.