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Scalp Treatment In Plano, TX

What does Scalp Treatment entail?

The part of the head where hair grows from is known as the scalp. The scalp tends to become dry due to seasonal changes or weather change, lack of stimulation or improper care; all of which are distressing and embarrassing. A dry scalp, which is more prevalent in cold weather, makes you experience itching or getting white dead skin flakes (like in the case of dandruff). It makes your hair looks dull or lifeless, making it break easily or fall out when left untreated.

More reasons why you could have a dry scalp include; Cold weather or winter, dietary deficiencies, use of hair products that contain alcohol, excessive shedding of white dead skin cells, and too-frequent shampooing.

Depending on the cause of the problem, you need to get effective scalp treatment, to remove dirt and any debris that is irritating the scalp and restore your hair to a normal healthy one.

• Proper Scalp Massage

Not taking adequate care for the hair causes scalp problems. Massage your hair properly with soft, pure bristle brushes and wash to remove oil build-ups from hair products and skin cells. The pure bristles are designed in a way so as to lift away dust (or dirt) and to remove oil from scalps.

• Rich Diet

Deficiency in a healthy diet causes dry scalp. Food diets rich in essential fatty acids (like walnuts, salmon, and flax seeds), reducing intake of alcohol and caffeinated coffee or soda alleviates dry scalp. It is recommended to make use of Kelp (a seaweed which is an excellent source of minerals) for the proper functioning of the body system. Kelp is high in iodine, and this is known to give support to hair growth and healing of scalp.

You should also drink lots of water. Staying hydrated with water is a good cure for the skin as it relates to your scalp. Adding hydration to your food diet will create a balance for scalp issues, and this is inexpensive and easy to do.

There are various ingredients like olive oil, almond oil, milk which provide the essential nutrients to keep your scalp healthy and also drive away dandruff.

• Use of Conditioning or Oil Treatments

Dry scalps do not produce essential natural oil (sebum) and thus, makes the hair looks dull and also creates itching. Give your scalp the nourishment that it needs. Get hot or warm oil treatment and at-home deep conditioning at local beauty stores. Use these oil treatments and deep conditioner twice a week to keep your scalp soothing and moisturized.

• Reduced Use of Shampoo

Too frequent use of harsh shampoos causes dry and flaky scalp. Apply a gentle formula to keep your hair dry and restrain from using shampoo every day. Also, avoid the use of gels, hairsprays, and other hair products which have alcohol in them, as they dry out scalp and hair. The use of heat appliances such as a blow dryer should be limited to give your hair a chance to recover from scalp problems.

Scalp and hair treatment helps to normalize the secretion of natural oil, making your hair look smooth and also free from dandruff.

Benefits of Scalp Treatment

Some of the advantages provided by scalp treatment include; proper circulation of blood which helps keep the follicle open, relaxing muscles and lifting your mood, skin exfoliation to remove dirt and debris, and reinforced hair health.

The facilitation of proper blood circulation and provision of essential nutrients helps in revitalizing your scalp and prevention of graying hair and hair loss.

Scalp massage strokes such as kneading or rhythmic tapping make you feel good as it increases your body hormones (serotonin, cortisol, and dopamine). An imbalance in serotonin is linked to mood disorders and depression. Dopamine hormone is known for giving pleasure and impacts positively on your mood. The stress hormone (cortisol) gets reduced in the body by massage therapy, and this prevents the risk of chronic inflammation and weakened immune systems.

Scalp treatment also helps in relieving migraine pains, throbbing headaches, muscle tension at the back of the head or the neck. Patients who undergo regular therapy have pain reduction (as high as 71%), better blood circulation and improved sleep, compared to those who do not have massage’ therapy.

Duration of Scalp Treatment

Depending on the severity of conditions, treatment could be gotten on a fortnight basis so as to put the problem under control. When too much of time elapses between scalp treatments, their scale could build up again, and this will take a longer time to manage. But as the condition improves, care procedures becomes less frequent, though chronic ones like psoriasis need continuing treatments every one or two months.

Standard scalp treatments take about thirty minutes to one hour, depending on who is handling it and how an individual is tolerant to treatment. Some cases like the chronic conditions take a longer period, say about two hours.

The right care you want to be delivered to your scalp to restore hair health and advancement of hair-loss is a one-two punch. It is important that treatments should be carried out only by experienced and certified trichology professionals, for efficient and reliable results.

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