Mommy Makeover Procedures


After childbirth, many women experience dramatic physical changes around their abdomen, breasts and several other areas of the body. Sometimes it’s hard to feel completely like yourself when your body has undergone such transformations. That’s where a Mommy Makeover comes in as a complete solution for getting back to feeling your absolute best.


The phrase “Mommy Makeover” serves as an umbrella term for all the surgical procedures utilized in the rejuvenation of the areas most affected by childbirth. The entire makeover involves a number of procedures that include, but are not limited to breast lift, breast reduction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction. The beauty of a mommy makeover is that it can be 100% customized to fit your specific needs and desires. Even with the same procedures, no two mommy makeovers will be completely identical. Breast augmentation is often at the top of the list, however, tummy tucks and liposuction are recommended for those who struggle with weight loss and sagging skin. Pregnancy and breastfeeding often result in breast deflation and a decrease in tissue mass. A mommy makeover can restore your desired shape or even enhance your original form. Breast augmentation is designed to provide a patient with their ideal, or pre-pregnancy breast size and tone. Mommy makeover procedures can also remedy issues that come from losing the baby weight. A breast lift can eliminate the appearance of sagging, asymmetrical breasts and provide a perfect, healthy tone. A breast reduction procedure can tone breasts that have become larger from pregnancy and breastfeeding. Tummy tuck procedures allow you to get rid of excess skin and fat in your abdominal area. Sometimes diet and exercise just isn’t enough. Even while following strict workout and diet regimens and experiencing noticeable weight loss, there’s still excess skin around your abdomen that you can’t do anything about. Liposuction is the suggested option for those who want to go a step further and remove excess body fat from the thighs, arms, neck, abdomen, and back. A complete mommy makeover is the remedy for all these desires and more.


An ideal candidate for a mommy makeover is a woman who is healthy and has had their last child. Your plans for breastfeeding and future pregnancies should be taken into consideration before scheduling your mommy makeover. The timing of postpartum breast augmentation depends on if you have been breastfeeding, are currently breastfeeding or plan to. Some surgeons recommend waiting until after the birth of your last child before you commit to your mommy makeover to avoid repeated surgery. It’s not uncommon to even wait until your children are grade school-aged to begin planning your makeover. You can still have a perfectly normal pregnancy after a mommy makeover, however, the best results occur when there is no further stress to the restored areas. The best way to create your own mommy makeover strategy is to contact Dr. Angobaldo at Plano Plastic Surgery Center. He will work with you every step of the way to help you take advantage of every option and possibility.


During your consultation, it is very important to discuss all and any health problems and concerns. The mommy makeover procedures are relatively safe and very low risk. Possible, but unlikely risks include blood clots, anesthesia complications, inflammation, bruising, kidney and heart problems, skin discoloration, numbness, and infections. All risks are common for any plastic surgery procedure. The mommy makeover can be performed in one or two stages. The stages and recovery time all vary and depend on the number and extent of procedures. Dr. Angobaldo is a board-certified surgeon with years of excellent experience. He and the team at Plano Plastic Surgery Center are happy to speak with you anytime over the phone, email or in the office to address any questions you have on mommy makeovers.

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