Fractional Ablative Laser Treatment in Plano, TX


Through the years and evolution of laser plastic surgery, two types of procedures stand out: ablative and nonablative. While both have pros and cons, which should be properly considered before skin treatment. Fractional Ablative procedures have produced excellent results in the past and are still favored in the present. The side effects are undoubtedly a hassle, requiring several weeks of downtime and skin care but the silver lining is that it does not require multiple surgeries.

Fractional ablative or Ablative fractional skin resurfacing is a treatment that targets lesions, deep wrinkles with fine precision. Due to the structural division of the skin into three levels:

The Epidermis: this is the uppermost part of the skin that is visible. It contains melanocytes which produce skin color and absorbs the burns suffered during everyday activity.

The second layer is the dermis, which serves a mid-layer function housing elastin & collagen fibers responsible for strength and skin pliability.

The subcutis, also known as the lower level fat region. With age, the epidermis is subjected to environmental conditions and begins to thin out, making blemishes more visible. The dermis losing collagen also begins to sag, and facial lines develop.

Unlike nonablative treatment, this procedure targets both the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin. This treatment combats skin issues like no other, ranging from sunburns, acne, skin looseness, and a general overhaul of the skin.



First off, this procedure requires that you be sedated. The procedure is fine-tuned by Dr. Plano to cater to your skin type, condition, and the area being considered. In a similar fashion to mowing lawns or removing weed in a garden, this procedure, in all honesty, vaporizes the topmost layer of the skin.

The Ablative laser shoots concentrated beams into tiny, deep affected zones of the skin. It intensively goes in to treat within these zones while the neighboring healthy tissue remains intact and untouched. It results in a much quicker healing process compared to when the treatment area is exposed to the laser. This creates collagen, causing the skin to plump up while filling in the wrinkles and lines. Laser intensity is greatly dependent on skin condition/damage and may require medication for pain during the procedure.



• An anesthetic cream will be applied 30 minutes before procedure

• Treatment duration is dependent on areas to be treated.

• The pain felt will be relative to the energy shot to the affected area.

• A Zimmer machine will be implemented to cool the patient to reduce discomfort during the procedure.



Wearing a mask bandage for some days may be required after the laser procedure. There may be significant discomfort when this is removed, and your skin will look raw and alien to you. Do not worry, a regular application of a prescribed ointment to the skin regularly will speed up the healing process. It can take a month for the skin to be completely restored.

The patient may have a burning sensation climaxing 30 minutes after the procedure. This is nothing but your skin reacting to the sensation of fast action.

Swelling is to be expected but is minimal and will dissipate within 2-3 days. Notify Dr. Plano if severe swelling or anything out of the ordinary occurs.

After procedure skin will retain a pinkish tone coupled with dark brown spots for several weeks after the laser procedure. Skin care medications will be written out by the clinic staff and should be followed religiously. The skin will begin to go back to normal after 5-6 days. You will be able to go for your routine out to work, play or try out things you normally do, in moderation of course. You may experience pinkness in the treated areas that may last for several weeks, but that will fade quickly as long as you follow the guidelines provided by the clinic. It is essential to complete the medications prescribed by Doctor Plano and follow the skin care plan that will necessarily produce and maintain the best results.

Within 24 hours of the procedure, a new epidermal skin will develop with a beautiful bronze tone. Skin flaking may occur as the new replaces the dead skin tissue. Moisturizers will be prescribed.

During the duration of healing and for a couple of months after the procedure, sunblock moisturizers are advised. Wide hats are also recommended. Staying out too long in the sun is not encouraged.

Ablative laser treatment can seem extreme, but the results are undeniable and provide dramatic improvement. Your new unblemished complexion and fresh skin can last for up to five years. Because we are human facial imperfections like dark spots, skin discolorations and lines will make a comeback over time, additional laser treatments with milder intensity should do the job.



Reduces sun damage, scars due to acne, and wrinkles

Stimulates collagen for firmer, more youthful skin

May counter pre-cancerous skin lesions

Upgrades skin texture and levels skin tone

Reduced downtime

Rejuvenated skin

Skin firmness



The Fractional Ablative procedure is quite safe. Years of research and experience coupled with testimonies from patients around the world has proven this. Do not remain in fear and inaction- take charge of your skincare today.

Why stay with blemished skin, lesions, uneven skin tone, acne, wrinkles, and fine lines? Why look older than you are when it can all go away in one session?

Call or visit our office for fractional ablative | Plano, TX anytime. Dr. Plano is professionally trained to cater to your needs and will make sure you go through this process with smooth velvet precision.

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