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When we think of cosmetic surgery on the breast, it’s common to imagine breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery, but the breast lift is another option sought by women of all ages and life experiences.

What Types of Women May Seek Breast Lifts?

Mothers who have cared for their children and breastfed might experience sagging breasts, and women who lose a large amount of weight may see their breasts get smaller and leave excess skin and sagging behind. In addition, women who are in their fifties and sixties may see the effects of gravity on their chest and feel self-conscious about their bodies.

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Women who seek breast lifts come from all walks of life and as such, plastic surgeons like Dr. Angobaldo have developed several techniques for lifting the breasts in surgery. A woman’s physiology usually dictates the type of breast lift a woman should receive for the best results.

Here’s what you need to know about breast lifts.

Breast Lifts: The BasicsWhat is the Difference Between Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

A breast lift is very different from a breast reduction in that no breast tissue is removed during a breast lift. The procedure removes skin and helps create a more pleasing profile for the breasts. Sometimes, a surgeon might recommend a woman get a breast augmentation with breast lift due to a lack of breast tissue or other issues.

A breast lift is conducted under general anesthesia, and the surgeon removes the excess skin to help elevate sagging nipples and improve the overall shape of the breasts. The cost of the surgery is usually influenced by the type of procedure conducted, as well as whether the patient also seeks a breast augmentation at the same time.

Recovery from breast lift surgery requires about two weeks of wearing a special bra that’s designed to eliminate pulling and stress on the stitches. Patients usually find they can resume normal activities after about a week, but it’s best to wait to participate in sports for at least a month. The surgery doesn’t impact the muscle or bone, so pain is often more manageable that more invasive procedures.

For healthy patients who are good candidates for a breast lift, the results may last a long time. Many women only have a single breast lift and don’t need to return for additional procedures unless they decide to have a breast augmentation or breast reduction.

Different Breast Lift OptionsBreast Surgery

A plastic surgeon can use any one of several different breast lift techniques, and a patient’s physiology will usually impact which type of surgery will offer the best results. One option might be best for a patient who has minimal sagging while another is reserved for patients who have severe sagging.

Here are the 4 different breast lift types:

The Circle Lift

The circle lift is often used when a woman doesn’t have a great deal of sagging. Also known as a “donut lift,” this method requires the surgeon to remove a donut shape of skin from around the areola and close the wound around the circular edge of the areola. Scarring happens at the outer edge of the areola and is well camouflaged.

The Crescent Lift

The crescent lift is considered the least invasive procedure and occurs when the surgeon removes skin in the shape of a crescent from above the nipple and repositions the nipple to a more pleasing spot on the breast.

The Lollipop Lift

The lollipop lift is named for the shape of the incision and results in a vertical scar on the bottom of the breast. Women who have low hanging breasts are often a candidate for this type of lift.

The Full LiftDr. Angobaldo-Plastic Surgeon Plano TX

A woman with severe sagging may also be a candidate for a full lift, which is a procedure that requires an additional incision across the top of the breast. Although the scar is more noticeable with this type of lift, the improved placement of the breasts often outweighs the impact of scarring.

Contact Dr. Jeff Angobaldo of Renaissance Plastic Surgery for more information about breast lifts.

You’ll learn if you’re a good candidate for one of these breast lift options, as well as what to expect after surgery.

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