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Whether you’re a man or a woman, losing your hair is often an anxiety-provoking or depressing event. As a woman, thick, lustrous hair is part of your allure to the opposite sex. Beautiful hair is an asset that makes you feel confident in yourself as a woman with sex appeal. A good head of hair signals vitality and health in a man.

Loss of hair often makes you look older than your age and can make you look unhealthy. It’s no surprise that men and women who are experiencing hair loss also suffer a loss of self-confidence.

Numerous studies indicate that hair loss in men affects interpersonal relationships and self-perception. Hair loss in women has equally or more devastating effects. There is very little acceptance of bald women in our society, whereas bald men are sometimes looked upon as rugged and even virile. One British study indicates that 63 percent of women with hair loss said they had career-related problems.

A full 50 percent of Caucasian men have some degree of male pattern baldness, the most common type of hair loss in men. In the US, 40 percent of hair loss sufferers are women, and researchers say about 50 percent of women have visible hair loss.

If you’re suffering hair loss, there is hope. Dr. Jeff Angobaldo, board-certified plastic surgeon with Renaissance Plastic Surgery, PLLC in Plano, Texas, provides hair restoration using SmartGraft FUE, the latest advance in technology to replenish your hair and help replace what you’ve lost.

Causes of hair loss

There are several causes of hair loss.

Genetics: Androgenetic alopecia

The No. 1 cause of hair loss in men and women is male and female pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia. Your genes are the culprit; the condition runs in families.

The hormone testosterone, present in both sexes, is converted to a similar hormone via an enzyme present in the oil glands of your hair follicles. Some people have a gene variant that shortens the cycle of hair growth and limits the number of hairs created by the body. Fewer hairs grow in to replace those that fall out, and the new ones are not as healthy as the originals.

The condition in men presents a receding hairline that keeps moving to the back of the head. In women, the hair loss is at the top and on the sides of the head, with a large bald area at the natural part of the hair.

Cancer therapy/medications

If you’re being treated with chemotherapy or radiation for cancer or another illness, you may experience hair loss. Other medications may also result in hair loss. It may or may not be permanent, depending on whether hair follicles are adversely affected.

Intense stress or a shock

Bodily trauma or loss of a massive amount of weight can cause hair loss. Intense psychological stress and grief — if a child, partner, or other loved one dies, for example  — can produce hair loss. This type of hair loss is called telogen effluvium. It is normally a temporary loss.

Hormonal changes

Menopause in women is called “the change of life” for a reason. Your estrogen levels drop sharply, as if from a high cliff to the ground. The decrease in estrogen during menopause can accelerate androgenetic alopecia in women. Pregnancy, childbirth, and thyroid conditions can also cause hair loss.

Hair style and hair habits

When you were young did you wear your hair in a ponytail? Perhaps you like braids or cornrows. While a fashion statement, all of these styles pull on the roots of your hair. If continued over long periods, they may damage your hair follicles, causing permanent hair loss.

Some people develop the habit of pulling on their hair or winding strands of hair tightly around their fingers when stressed. This habit can actually cause hair loss.

SmartGraft FUE hair restoration

Dr. Angobaldo uses the SmartGraft FUE hair-restoration system, which harvests your own hair and transplants it into areas where your hair has thinned. He shows you results from other patients he’s treated and lets you know whether this is the right solution for you.

Call Renaissance Plastic Surgery, PLLC for an appointment today for all of your medical aesthetic needs. You can also book an appointment online. You’ll likely feel your best when you look your best.

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