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Hair loss affects the overwhelming majority of men — up to 85 percent — and a significant percentage of women — about 40 percent. If you’re in this large group, modern technology has some good news for you. In the past few years, hair-restoration methods have become less invasive with more reliable results.

The psychological effects of hair loss can be devastating. Thick, glossy hair is a sign of health and beauty in cultures past and present. For men, it symbolizes virility and youth, while for women, a lustrous head of hair is an essential part of attractiveness and identity as a woman. Both men and women can experience depression, anxiety, and loss of self-esteem and self-confidence when experiencing hair loss.

Dr. Jeff Angobaldo, board-certified plastic surgeon with Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Plano, Texas, uses the most advanced technology available today to restore thinning hair. He has invested in the SmartGraft FUE system of hair transplantation to provide his patients optimal results.

What is SmartGraft FUE?

You may have heard that hair-restoration techniques are painful. That was in years past. New technology has yielded minimally invasive methods to help you have a noticeable improvement in thickening your hair — in one office visit.

SmartGraft FUE technology includes a microprocessor that computerizes the hair grafting and storage procedure, along with a handheld device that Dr. Angobaldo uses to guide the hair transplantation process.

What happens during the SmartGraft FUE procedure?

Dr. Angobaldo’s nurse preps you for the procedure, cleaning the area and applying a local anesthetic to numb your scalp. Using SmartGraft FUE’s handheld device, Dr. Angobaldo extracts many miniscule grafts of three to four follicles of hair from an area with thick hair, which is the donor area. Gentle suctioning via the device separates the graft from the scalp. Looking at a touchscreen, Dr. Angobaldo can control the power of the suction and speed of the extractions.

The handheld device lifts the grafts of hair and places them in a sterile mixture in a controlled environment. Once the grafts are gathered, they’re inserted into tiny openings in your scalp.

Why should I choose SmartGraft FUE over other methods?

The SmartGraft FUE system computerizes the transplantation procedure so that surgeons no longer have to handle the graft manually to surgically remove it from the scalp and place it into a sterile environment. Dr. Angobaldo doesn’t use a scalpel, and you have no stitches: It’s minimally invasive.

The transplant involves fewer steps and less handling of the grafts, and is a quicker procedure than other methods. Plus, there’s minimal discomfort, unlike more invasive transplant procedures that cut deeper into the scalp and involve weeks of recovery.

SmartGraft FUE has a high rate of success in the amount of hair transplanted that survives and grows thanks to the advanced technology that keeps the grafts in an environmentally-controlled, closed environment, unlike other transplant methods.

How long will it take to see new hair growth?

You’ll usually see growth of new hair by the third or fourth month, although for some people it may be closer to six months, with more growth during the remaining months of the first year. Don’t be alarmed when the hair in the grafts falls out in the weeks after your transplant. That’s part of the normal hair-growth process.

Call Renaissance Plastic Surgery, PLLC today or send us a message online to see if you’re a candidate for SmartGrowth FUE hair restoration and for any other aesthetic needs.

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