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A plastic surgery consultation is the first real step you’ll take in arranging a cosmetic procedure, and you should learn a lot about your surgeon, the procedure, and your expected outcomes. One of the most important things to remember before you attend your consultation is the idea that not all procedures are right for all bodies.

It’s important that you don’t go into the consultation dead set on having a procedure because the doctor could tell you that your expectations are unrealistic. You could also learn that you’re too high-risk to consider a particular type of surgery. However, your surgeon may also be able to share some alternatives available to you if your chosen surgery isn’t possible.

With that knowledge in mind, here’s what you should expect during your consultation.

You’ll Discuss Many Things, As Well As Your Expectations

One of the most important ways your surgeon can help you is to let you know whether your expectations are realistic and whether your body is a candidate for the surgery you want.

Perhaps you’ve arranged for a consultation to discuss breast implants, and you want a breast augmentation A to D increase. Will your body accommodate this significant increase in size? Your surgeon will let you know.

Alternatively, maybe you’re seeking a breast augmentation after losing a significant amount of weight. The one feature of your body that you wouldn’t have given up (your nice chest) disappeared as you dieted and lost fat.

By discussing your expectations and the surgery you want, your surgeon may let you know whether you might have better results with another breast surgery. For example, you might get the most natural looking breast augmentation if you also consider a breast lift at the same time you receive your implants.

First Things First: Checking In at Your Plastic Surgery FacilityPlastic Surgery Consultation-Medical Information

As you arrive at your plastic surgeon’s office, you’ll be greeted by the receptionist or another member of the surgical staff where you’ll check in for your consultation. You may need to fill out some initial paperwork and provide basic demographic details about yourself, as well as some medical history and your contact information.

You may also meet with a nurse or physician’s assistant before your consultation with the surgeon. Each cosmetic surgeon runs his or her office differently, so you may or may not meet with a medical assistant before your official consultation begins. The support staff knows you might be nervous about your appointment, so you’ll typically be greeted by a friendly person who will help you get comfortable and ready for your consultation.

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You’ll Thoroughly Go Over Your Medical History

Your surgeon will need to know quite a lot about your medical history. This knowledge will help your plastic surgeon determine whether it’s safe for you to undergo a procedure, and it will also allow him to offer alternatives if it turns out you’re not a good candidate for the procedure you want.

You’ll share the following information with your surgeon:
  1. Do you have any medical conditions or diseases?
  2. Are you currently on any medications?
  3. Are you undergoing any medical treatments?
  4. Have you had previous surgeries, and what were they?
  5. Do you use over-the-counter remedies like vitamins and herbal supplements?
  6. Do use any illegal drugs, drink alcohol, or use tobacco?

Answering these questions will help your doctor determine whether there are any added risks associated with your surgery. For example, surgeons ask that patients stop smoking in advance of plastic surgery, and most recommend quitting smoking permanently because of the potential complications during recovery that smoking can cause.

Important! It’s essential that you’re completely honest with your doctor, even if that means revealing that you take illegal drugs or have an addiction. Complications during surgery due to drugs are a real danger, and your surgeon cares most about your health.

You May Have a Physical ExaminationPhysical Examination-Plastic Surgery Consultation

Sometimes, your surgeon might let you know that a particular surgery isn’t feasible because of your health or other risk factors after you share your personal medical history. In such cases, your consultation may end early as you leave to consider other options available to you.

However, if your surgeon believes you’re a good candidate for the surgery you want, you’ll undergo a physical examination which may include photographs and a digital rendering of how you might appear after surgery.

For example, perhaps you’re considering body contouring surgery and want to know if you could get a partial tummy tuck and get rid of some sagging around your lower body. Your surgeon will inspect your body and may even feel your stomach or other areas that might be affected by your surgery to get a clearer picture of the results you can expect from your procedure.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in a breast augmentation, reduction, or lift, you’ll undergo an examination of your chest where your surgeon can inspect your body type and let you know what he believes would be the best choices for incision type, implant type, and size.

Make the Most of Your Consultation with the Plastic Surgeon

Your plastic surgeon is truly an artist, as well as a talented surgical professional. Take advantage of your surgeon’s knowledge and experience by making the most of your consultation by bringing a list of questions in hard copy form (or as a list on your phone), so you don’t forget anything you want to know.

Remember: Getting all your questions answered during the initial consultation is the best way to arrive at the day of your surgery without any delays.

Also, arranging a consultation doesn’t mean you must book an appointment immediately for your surgery. If your surgeon has given you some alternatives to the surgery you were considering when you walked in the door of the office, there’s a good chance you’ll need to think those alternatives over at home.

Cosmetic surgery is, by its very definition, “elective,” and that means you can schedule it whenever you want. A fruitful and valuable plastic surgery consultation will make your final decision that much easier when it comes to booking your surgery.

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