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SmartGraft Hair Restoration In Plano, TX, Dr Plano

Hair restoration procedures in the past used to require surgery and leaves a large linear scar on the head. Recovery time was also slow and quite uncomfortable. Innovative follicular unit extraction technologies have been introduced but are still very slow and ineffective.

SmartGraft is a smoother option for both women and men who are searching for a permanent fix for hair loss. SmartGraft makes use of a blend of state-of-the-art- tech and precision craftsmanship rather than a scalpel.

This procedure can be carried out with more diligence in less time as compared to any other method. Patients are permitted to go back to work within one or two days. The results also look and feel totally natural.

When researching good hair restoration procedures, it is important to know how the SmartGraft process works, what to prepare for ahead of time, expectations during the procedure, as well as when you will see the results.

The first step starts with the initial consultation with the trained hair restoration physician. This physician will ask you about your medical history after which he’ll perform a scalp evaluation and outline a recommended strategic plan. The expert will explain the procedure exhaustively and determine the particular number of grafts required for an effective, natural-looking result according to your preference.


Instructions on what to get for the procedure will also be given to you. Normally, most physicians start the procedure in the morning. You’ll want to wear comfortable garments and bring in your favorite music or videos which will keep you busy (with small ear buds).

The Procedure

Upon arrival, you’ll be taken to a private room. Once you are comfortably seated, your physician will explain every single step of the procedure again and get your consent before starting.

In some cases, the expert may administer a mild sedative to help you relax. You will also need to consult with a physician to know if this is a solution and make arrangements for your transportation home. After this, a small area on your head will be shaved. You don’t have to get a high cut. Depending on your hair length, an area can be clean-shaven in small sections to let you hide the donor region after the procedure.

The spot where the hair is implanted will be prepared and local anesthetic will then be applied to the area. While the scalp is anesthetized, the expert will use the SmartGraft equipment to get rid of the grafts from the area softly. SmartGraft lets the physician collect, sort, count and also store each graft immediately in a sterile, controlled setting before implantation. This encourages graft survival and enhances their ability to multiply for better results.

After the grafts have been collected, implantation site is prepared and a local anesthetic will be applied. The physician will prudently and strategically make tiny openings that are no larger than a pinhole for the implantation of the grafts. This part of the process is very important as the density, angle, and placement of every graft will determine how the results will turn out eventually.

Duration of the Procedure

The average hair transplant procedure takes about five to six hours from the start to finish, subject to the number of grafts needed to achieve the desired results. After the implant and a brief period of rest, you’re ready to head back home. You might be able to put on a loose fitting hat as you make your way home. The patients are advised to make special arrangements for somebody to take them home, but this is only required if a sedative was used during the procedure.

The physician will give you complete instructions on what you should expect in the coming days and how you can care for your newly grafted hair. Most physicians recommend shampooing a day after the procedure with a “cup wash” technique.

Most patients can also return to work the next day and resume fully, including their sports and fitness regimen, within some days. In most cases, the evidence of transplant goes unnoticed by others until some months later when they see your fuller, natural looking hair.

Newly transplanted hair grows in a natural way and several phases. In the first several weeks, the hair will take root after which it will begin to shed. This shedding is perfectly normal. You’ll see new hair in three months, followed by improvement in 6 months and full growth after 12 to 14 months. After your hair has grown in, you’ll be able to take care of it like when you first had it!

Benefits of smart graft

Do you ever sit down to think, “My hair is thinning, I have got to do something quick!” If you’ve thought so, then you’re one of about fifty million men and thirty million women in the USA who suffer from female or male pattern baldness and thinning hair. They are also looking for hair loss solutions to help them gain their confidence back.

You deserve the hair you want. With SmartGraft you can now, with a topnotch solution that leaves older style scalpel-based grafting modalities behind. With SmartGraft, you can have greater precision, a quicker procedure, and impressive results that are made to last. This procedure is a trailblazing innovation for hair restoration and transplantation. It uses a technologically improved follicular unit extraction method to restore new hair to bald spots and thinning hairlines, and this technology can be used to reverse severe hair loss caused by different surgical procedures, like brow lifts or facelifts.

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